The Richmond Register

May 10, 2013

BOWLING: Two more leagues roll into action

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Two more free lineage summer leagues —  Friday Night Doubles and Monday Night Mixed — opened their seasons during the past week.

Details are included in the league highlights.

John Hickam bowled the high game for the week at Galaxy with a 257 score in the Friday Doubles League, while the best series was 711 by Brandon Simpson in the Monday Mixed League.

Miranda Reffitt rolled the best women’s scores with a 244 game and 616 series in the Monday Mixed League.

Seniors tournament

The second monthly seniors tournament is scheduled for 2 p.m. May 19. This tourney is open to men and women aged 50 or higher.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl three games. Cash prizes will be awarded to the three bowlers with the highest scores including handicaps.

League highlights

Friday Night Doubles

This league was originally scheduled to be a sanctioned league with four-person teams. However, the members voted to make it a non-sanctioned doubles league.

The league started play last week and will bowl a 12-week season with the final night set for July 26. The league will not bowl on July 5 because of the Independence Day holiday.

John Hickam bowled the high game (257) and series (705) on the opening night, while the second-best game (246) and series (598) were rolled by Todd Young.

Monday Night Mixed

This league opened Monday with eight four-person teams. The league will bowl a 12-week schedule and finish on July 22. This is the only sanctioned league at Galaxy this summer.

David Norman (249) and Brandon Simpson (246) bowled the top games on the opening night, while the best series scores were 711 by Simpson and 649 by Neil Haggard.

A 600 series was also bowled by Matt Cracraft (629), Aaron Rose (621), Andrew Magedanz (617), Glenn Masters (613), Bill Bowles (612) and Gary Cromer (601).

The high women’s game (244) and series (616) were bowled by Miranda Reffitt. Narita Rose was second in both measures with a 212 game and 547 series. Beverly Shearer rolled a 533 series.

Cash Money

Ronnie Norris Sr. led this league on Monday with a 253 game and 628 series, followed by Sam Spangler at 220 and 571.

Jessica Bitnar rolled the top women’s game (153) and Debra Robertson bowled the high women’s series (380).

Tuesday No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Carl Daniels and John Hickam bowled no-tap 300 games this week. This was Hickam’s second no-tap 300 game of the summer. Hickam also rolled a 298 game as part of an 876 series which was high for the night and set a new high for the season.

Bill Bowles bowled the second-best series (795) and the next-best men’s game (286) after the no-tap perfect games by Daniels and Hickam.

A 700 series was also bowled by Daniels (778), Ron Roberts (767), Todd Young (727), Gary Cromer (723), Josh Jackson (710), Donnie Barger (704) and substitute Neil Haggard (760).

Narita Rose just missed bowling a 300 game as she opened her third game with 11 strikes, but she left three pins with her final roll for a 297 score She also rolled the highest women’s series (707) for the night.

Tina Hisle bowled the next-best women’s scores with a 280 game and 654 series.

Others who bowled a 600 series were Lynn Estes (693), Gary Holtzclaw (635), Kymmi Bowles (630) and Jim Hisle (617).

Vernon Bennett converted a 4-7-10 split.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    257

Ronnie Norris Sr.    253

David Norman    249

Todd Young    246

Brandon Simpson    246

Tyler Magedanz    242

Bill Bowles    236

Aaron Rose    236

Gary Cromer    234

Glenn Masters    226

Matt Cracraft    226

Neil Haggard    225

Andrew Magedanz    225

Mike Begley    223

Zach Neikirk    221

Sam Spangler    220

Steve Woltering    219

Steve McKnight    214

Bobby Abrams    213

Terry Jackson    212

Paul Crowe    210

Levi Burns    203

Steve Marionneau    200

Women’s games

Miranda Reffitt    244

Narita Rose    212

Beverly Shearer    203