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March 4, 2013

BOWLING: Jones Jr. rolls another 300 game


RICHMOND — Wednesday Wonders

Mr. and Mrs. Norman led the members of this league last week. David led the men with a 237 game and 690 series, while Jenny led the league’s ladies with a 192 game and 484 series.

Lewis Jones Jr. bowled the second-best scores for the league’s men with a 225 game and 640 series, while the second-best women’s scores were a 178 game and 480 series by Julia Landreth.

However, the highest scores for the night were bowled by substitutes John Hickam and Brandon Simpson. Hickam rolled a 269 game and 747 series, while Simpson bowled a 246 game and 712 series.

Classic Doubles

Josh Jackson led this league last Thursday with a 225 game and 568 series. Russell Jones bowled the second-best game (220) and David Robinson rolled the second-high men’s series (546).

Tina Hisle led the women in the league with a 190 game and 560 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 181 and 473.


The high game (224) and series (628) in this league last week were bowled by Merle Meade. Ken Farnstrom bowled the second-best men’s game (200) and Tim Wells rolled the second-high series (552).

The top women’s game (212) and series (521) were bowled by Margaret Tilsley. Jan Farnstrom was next in both measures with a 195 game and 475 series.

Jamie Sowder converted a 2-7 split.

Cash Money

J.J. Reisig led this league last Monday with a 213 game and 598 series, followed by Lance Rickert at 201 and 525.

The best women’s games were 132 by Mary Mink and 125 by Carolyn McKnight, while the highest women’s series were 344 by McKnight and 329 by Patricia Norris.

Bad Bowlers No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer led this league last Tuesday with a 288 game and 763 series. His series score set a new high for this league this season.

Anthony Taulbee was second in both categories with a 274 game and 646 series. Steve Dickey bowled a 609 series.

Joanna Dickey led the women in the league with a 187 game and 452 series, followed by April Brumfield at 149 and 441.

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