The Richmond Register

May 3, 2013

BOWLING: Bowles takes title at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — The feature attraction at Galaxy this week was a tournament to crown the house champion for the year.

Only two leagues were in action as most leagues have not yet opened their summer seasons.

Ronnie Thomas bowled the high game with a 289 score in the Galaxy Championship Tournament, while the high women’s game was 219 by Mary Mink in the Cash Money League.

Galaxy Championship Tournament

Twenty-seven bowlers took to the lanes for the second-annual Galaxy Championship Tournament on April 28, which was open only to Galaxy league bowlers.

Participants were granted a handicap of 90 percent of the difference between their averages and 210.

After the participants had bowled three games, the 16 bowlers with the highest scores, including handicaps, advanced to double-elimination match play.

The top five qualifiers and their handicapped scores for three games were — Gary Cromer (737), Anthony Taulbee (704), Miranda Reffitt (684), Bill Bowles (684) and Tyler Morgan (671).

The others who advanced to match play included Ron Roberts, Joanna Abrams, Todd Young, Mike E. Bryant, Shawn Barton, Carolyn McKnight, Ronnie Thomas, Steve McKnight, Kymmi Bowles, David Norman and Narita Rose.

Kymmi Bowles used good bowling and a favorable handicap to win four games and finish on top in the winner’s bracket.

Ronnie Thomas emerged as the winner of the consolation bracket. Thomas narrowly missed rolling a 300 game in his first match game as he opened with 10 strikes, but he left the eight pin on his 11th ball and finished with a score of 289.

Bowles and Thomas then met in a best-of-three series for the tournament championship. This series featured Bowles’ straight balls against the smooth left-handed curves of Thomas.

Bowles and Thomas split the first two games, but Bowles won the third game to take the title and the $230 first-place prize.

Thomas won $138 for his second-place finish and Gary Cromer earned $92 for finishing third.

Because he had to work his way through the consolation bracket, Thomas wound up bowling 13 games for the day.

The tournament featured 113 games and lasted for nearly eight hours.

League highlights

Cash Money

Steve McKnight led the members of this league on Monday with a 220 game and 639 series, followed by Ronnie Norris Jr. at 212 and 545. Substitute T. J. Tudor bowled a 224 game and 595 series.

Mary Mink led the league’s ladies with season-best scores for a game (219) and series (446).

Rosemary Marrioneau bowled the second-best women’s game (157) and Carolyn McKnight the second-high series (403).

Tuesday No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

John Hickam rolled the second no-tap 300 game of the young summer season and the first 800 series (808).

Gary Cromer rolled the second-best game (286) and Ron Roberts the second-high series (740).

A 700 series was also bowled by Josh Jackson (724), Lynn Estes (723), Bobby Abrams (709), Bill Bowles (708) and Todd Young (708).

Narita Rose led the ladies in the league with a 276 game and 696 series. Joanna Dickey bowled the second-best women’s game (256) and Joanna Abrams the second-high series (663).

A 600 series was also rolled by Jim Hisle (697), Tina Hisle (658), Cromer (647) and Carl Daniels (634).

Two more leagues to open

A league with four-person teams is scheduled to start tonight and another four-person team league is slated to begin on Monday.

 Both of these leagues feature free lineage with all the fees going to the prize fund. This will result in large pay outs at the end of the season.

 Bowlers can call Galaxy at 624-4444 or come early to the first session to join one or both of these leagues.

Women’s top 2012-13 performances

The official United States Bowling Congress season runs from Aug. 1 to July 31 each year. However, the majority of the action in sanctioned leagues occurs between August and April. Thus, this is an appropriate time to recognize the top accomplishments by the bowlers at Galaxy this season.

The top achievements by women in the three major statistical categories — average, series score and game score — are noted in this column. The top achievements by the men at Galaxy will be listed in next week’s column.

Bowlers who participate in a sanctioned league this summer will have an opportunity to join these leaderboards or move up.

The averages listed are the bowler’s best average in any one sanctioned league. The USBC does not combine scores from multiple leagues. A bowler must roll at least 21 games in a league for an average to be recognized as official.

Best 2012-13 women’s averages

Regina Barton    194

Miranda Reffitt    184

Narita Rose    178

Sara Zuercher    175

Tina Hisle    175

Sandy Reynolds    172

Gail Campbell    171

Andi Daly    170

Beverly Shearer    165

Bridget Settles    163

Novel Davis    162

Rita Morgan    162

Connie Bowlin    161

Best 2012-13 women’ s series

Narita Rose    707

Regina Barton    671

Miranda Reffitt    654

Novel Davis    615

Sara Zuercher    603

Gail Campbell    598

Beverly Shearer    596

Sandy Reynolds    583

Tina Hisle    582

Bridget Settles    577

Shella Cobb    572

Rita Morgan    572

Andi Daly    564

Kymmi Bowles    562

Best 2012-13 women’s games

Narita Rose    277

Miranda Reffitt    263

Regina Barton    259

Sandy Reynolds    244

Keeley Gadd    237

Beverly Shearer    236

Sara Zuercher    236

Tina Hisle    235

Bridget Settles    235

Jan Barnes    234

Gail Campbell    233

Christy Richmond    233

Novel Davis    230

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Ronnie Thomas    289

Gary Cromer    256

Ron Roberts    237

Tyler Morgan    236

Shawn Barton    234

Todd Young    231

T. J. Tudor    224

Steve McKnight    220

Bill Bowles    216

Ronnie Norris Jr.    212

Mike E. Bryant    211

Sam Spangler    205

Donald Spivey    203

Women’s games

Mary Mink    219

Miranda Reffitt    215

Kymmi Bowles    204