The Richmond Register

February 4, 2013

BOWLING: Jones Jr. narrowly misses 300 again

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Lewis Jones Jr. narrowly missed a 300 game again last week with a 289 score in the Wednesday Wonders League. This was the high game for the week at Galaxy, while the top series was 765 by Shawn Barton in the Galaxy Classic League.

The top women’s scores were a 215 game by Sara Zuercher in the TGIF League and a 591 series by Narita Rose in the Friday Night Mixed League.

City tournament starts this weekend

The Madison County Bowling Association’s annual city tournament will be held on Feb. 9 and 10 and Feb. 16 and 17. There will be sessions at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. each day.

The tournament is open to MCBA members who have bowled at least 12 games in a sanctioned league at Galaxy this season.

There will be singles, doubles and team competition. The entry fee is $20 per bowler per event. The handicap will be 100 percent of the difference between the bowler’s average and 220.

Galaxy league teams can pay the entry fee and use the team scores bowled in league action during the week of Feb. 11 through Feb. 15 as their scores for the tournament.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

The top series in this league last Monday were 765 by Shawn Barton and 707 by Brandon Simpson. Barton’s series was his high for the season.

John Hickam rolled the top game at 276, followed by Ronnie Thomas and Barton at 264 each.

Thirteen men bowled a 600 series at this session led by Glenn Masters (687), Thomas (679), Mark Rogers (669), Brandon Lutes (664), Ron Gugel (650), Todd Young (643), Hickam (643) and Bill Bowles (640).

Joe Reichel (619), Mike E. Bryant (608), Bruce Watson (606), Neil Haggard (605), and Terry Jackson (601) completed the 600 club for the night.

Two women — Andi Daly (538) and Regina Barton (533) — rolled a 500 series.

Wednesday Wonders

For the second consecutive week, Lewis Jones Jr. fell just short of bowling a 300 game in this league.

Jones Jr. opened his second game with 10 strikes, but left the 4 pin with his 11th ball and finished with a score of 289. He had bowled a 290 game during the previous week.

Jones Jr. added games of 258 and 178 to lead the league with a 725 series.

David Norman had the second-best series with a season-best 695 total. Rick Stamper rolled the second-high game for the night, at 256.

A 600 series was also bowled by Terry Jackson (619) and Bill Bowles (602).

Pat Holtzclaw rolled the top women’s game (181) and Jenny Norman the high women’s series (471). Kymmi Bowles was second in both categories, at 180 and 466.

LuAnn Bryant rolled a season-best 176 game.

Galaxy Girls

The high games by the members of this league last Tuesday were 202 by Betty Lou Masters and 197 by Bridget Settles, while Settles (511) and Narita Rose (509) rolled the top series scores.

Substitute Beverly Shearer bowled a 207 game and 544 series.

Splits were converted by Carole Bales (4-7-9), Gail Campbell (5-7), Velma Cruse (5-7), Sherry Ernst (2-7), Amy Felty (5-6) and Jelemia Sanders 5-6).


Bridget Settles bowled the top game (203) and series (521) in this league last week.

Doris Gish rolled the second-best game (179) and Joan Mott the second-high series (482).

Splits were converted by Gish (6-7-10), Sandy Clark (2-7), Janell Williams (5-7) and Sherry Ernst (5-7 and 5-7-8).

Early Birds

Gail Campbell led this league last Wednesday with a 203 game and 544 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 182 and 467.

Splits were converted by Campbell (5-7 and 2-5-7), Shearer (5-6), Sue Hegelmeyer (3-7-10) and Joyce Kearns (4-5-7-8).

Classic Doubles

Steve McKnight (269), David Robinson (224) and Russell Truesdale (224) bowled the high games in this league last Thursday.

The best series scores were 626 by Robinson, 609 by McKnight and 600 by Carl Daniels.

Beverly Shearer led the ladies in the league with a 191 game and 514 series. Pam Bennett bowled the second-best women’s game (170) and Barbara Brogle the second-high women’s series (406).

Friday Night Mixed

Neil Haggard (276) and James Webb (257) bowled the high games in this league last week.

The best series scores were 682 each by Webb and Ronald Richmond.

A 600 series was also bowled by Ron Gugel (676), Haggard (669), John Hickam (665), Lewis Jones Jr. (650) and Glenn Masters (637).

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 203 game and 591 series. Julia Landreth rolled the second-best women’s game (173) and Novel Davis the second-high series (471).


Tim Wells bowled the high game (234) for the male members of this league, and he rolled the second-best series (594).

Ollie Gasser bowled the top series (599) and the second-best game (214) for the league’s men.

Sara Zuercher led the women in the league with a 215 game and 588 series, followed by Sandy Reynolds at 181 and 509.

Substitute Brian Ford bowled a career-best 266 game and 644 series.

Splits were converted by Jennifer Richmond (6-7-9-10), Tim Wells (3-10) and Jamie Sowder (3-10).

Cash Money

Mickey McAllister (215) and Ronnie Norris Jr. (208) bowled the high games in this league last Monday, while the best series scores were 594 by Norris Jr. and 524 by Steve Marionneau.

The best women’s games were 115 by Rosemary Marionneau and 111 by Mary Mink. Carolyn McKnight (308) and Patricia Norris (301) bowled the highest series scores for the women.

Bad Bowlers No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer (676) and Kyle Shultz (622) bowled the top series scores in this league last Tuesday.

The high games were 235 by Anthony Taulbee and 231 by Cromer.

April Brumfield bowled the top women’s game (205) and series (583), followed by Joanna Dickey (190) and (503).

Future bowler

Two of the top bowlers at Galaxy — Tyler and Rita Morgan — are the proud parents of Jacob Tyler.

Jacob was eager to get started on his bowling career and arrived a month early weighing 5 pounds and 14 ounces.

All three Morgans are doing well.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Lewis Jones Jr.    289

Neil Haggard    276

John Hickam    276

Steve McKnight    269

Brian Ford    266

Ronnie Thomas    264

Shawn Barton    264

Brandon Simpson    259

Todd Young    259

James Webb    257

Brandon Lutes    256

Rick Stamper    256

Mark Rogers    248

David Norman    246

Ronald Richmond    246

Ron Gugel    238

Glenn Masters    237

David Norman    237

Terry Jackson    234

Tim Wells    234

Bill Bowles    233

James Noe    231

Scott Kaylor    225

David Robinson    224

Russell Truesdale    224

Carl Daniels    223

Mike E. Bryant    221

Daniel Benge    216

Joe Bailey    216

Mickey McAllister    215

Ollie Gasser    214

Bruce Watson    213

Aaron Rose    213

Lewis Jones Sr.    213

Ron Roberts    211

Craig Richmond    210

Mark Daly    209

Ronnie Norris Jr.    208

Patrick Wells    207

Bobby Abrams    205

Robbie Richmond    203

Mike Huser    203

Billy McGuire    202

Lynn Estes    202

Barry Miller    201

Sam Spangler    201

Gary Kerns    200

Women’s games

Sara Zuercher    215

Bridget Settles    208

Beverly Shearer    207

Gail Campbell    203

Kymmi Bowles    203

Narita Rose    203

Betty Lou Masters    202

Brenda Marcum    191

Donna Haney    189

Andi Daly    188

Regina Barton    184

Sandy Reynolds    181

Pat Holtzclaw    181