The Richmond Register

June 21, 2013

BOWLING: Haggard leads the way at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Neil Haggard bowled the high men’s game and series at Galaxy this week, while the top women’s game and series were rolled by Miranda Reffitt.

Details are included in the league highlights.

League highlights

Monday Night Summer

Neil Haggard bowled the top game (279) and series (736) in the league this week. This was the 10th 700 series of the season for Haggard.

The next-best games were 257 by John Hickam and 255 by Andrew Magedanz, while the next-highest series scores were 730 by Magedanz and 702 by Hickam.

A 600 series was rolled by Matt Cracraft (679), Bill Bowles (651), Steve Woltering (639), Gary Cromer (633), Lewis Jones Jr. (620), Aaron Rose (614) and Mark Rogers (602).

Miranda Reffitt led the ladies in the league with a 226 game and 651 series.

The team leading this sanctioned league with five weeks remaining in the season is It Doesn’t Matter (Miranda Reffitt, Narita Rose, Steve Woltering and John Hickam).

Git-R-Done (Terry Jackson, John Rice, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) is one game behind the leaders.

Friday Doubles

The high games by the members of this league last week were 278 by Todd Young and 266 by John Hickam, while the best series scores were 640 by Hickam and 618 by Young.

Substitute Nate Rosenbaurer rolled a 258 game and 645 series.

Beth Smith led the women in the league with a 123 game and 321 series.

Summer Cash Money

Turner Curtis (208) and J.J. Reisig (205) rolled the top games in this league this week, while the high series scores were 566 by Ollie Gasser and 543 by Curtis.

Tuesday No-Tap Doubles

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

The high series scores this week were 827 by John Hickam and 745 by Carl Daniels. A 700 series was also bowled by Kyle Shultz (740), Bill Bowles (725), Lynn Estes (720), Gary Holtzclaw (718), Donnie Barger (716) and substitute Randy Burgess (720).

Barger rolled the highest game (280), followed by Bowles (278), Shultz (277), Hickam (277), Daniels (273) and sub Burgess (278).

Beverly Shearer led the league’s ladies with a 246 game and 647 series. Donna Fourre rolled the second-best women’s game (245) and Kymmi Bowles bowled the second-high women’s series (595).

A 600 series was also bowled by Todd Young (698), Jim Hisle (691), Ron Roberts (689), Jim Collins (680), Gary Cromer (655), Bobby Abrams (653), Russell Truesdale (617) and Steve Dalton (601).

With six weeks remaining in the season, Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles) leads the league. The MM & RR team (Mary Mink and Ron Roberts) is one game behind the leaders, while Hammer Time (Todd Young and Gary Cromer) is two games behind.

Seniors tournament Sunday

 The monthly seniors tournament will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. All men and women age 50 or higher are invited to participate in this tournament.

Bowlers will use their best 2012-13 average plus a handicap of 90 percent of the difference between that average and 220.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl three games. Cash prizes will be awarded.

Women lead re-organized Lexington association

The Lexington Area Bowling Association (men) and the Lexington Women’s Bowling Association completed a merger in May.

A man was elected to the key position of association manager, but women were elected to all the other association offices including president, first vice-president, second vice-president and sergeant at arms.

Women were also elected to 10 of the 16 positions on the board of directors.

This is believed to be the first merger of a men’s bowling association and a women’s bowling association in Kentucky.

This week’s top scores

Neil Haggard    279

Todd Young    278

John Hickam    266

Nate Rosenbauer    258

Andrew Magedanz    255

Randy Burgess    249

Aaron Rose    247

Matt Cracraft    246

Gary Cromer    245

Paul Crowe    235

Bruce Watson    226

Mike Hilvers    224

Bill Bowles    222

Steve Woltering    216

Glenn Masters    215

Lewis Jones Jr.    214

David Norman    214

Mark Rogers    212

Mike E. Bryant    211

Tyler Magedanz    211

Turner Curtis    208

John Rice    208

Carl Daniels    207

Ray White    207

Brandon Simpson    207

Terry Jackson    206

J.J. Reisig    205

Sam Spangler    203

Steve McKnight    201

Women’s games

Miranda Reffitt    226

Kymmi Bowles    183