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April 23, 2013

BOWLING: Simpson, Rogers hit 700 at Galaxy


RICHMOND — Wednesday Wonders

The teams which finished in the top three positions in this league for the second half of its split season were recognized in last week’s column.

The top three teams were Mama’s Crew (Debra Robertson, Bobby Abrams, John Rice and Bill Schutters), Bazinga (Teresa and Terry Jackson and Jenny and David Norman) and Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles and Debby and Lewis Jones Jr.).

The individual leaders for the league are recognized in today’s column. Bowlers must participate in two-thirds of a league’s games to qualify for individual honors.

The best men’s averages for the full season were recorded by Lewis Jones Jr. (211), David Norman (207), Bill Bowles (195), Lewis Jones Sr. (189) and Carl Daniels (188).

The highest men’s series were 755 by Norman, 743 by Jones Jr., 677 by Steve McKnight, 675 by Bowles and 659 by Daniels.

The highest men’s games were bowled by Jones Jr. (290), Norman (278), McKnight (268), Bowles (267), Daniels (256) and Rick Stamper (256).

The best averages for the league’s ladies were recorded by Kymmi Bowles (147), Patricia Holtzclaw (146), Dana Starnes (136), Jenny Norman (133) and LuAnn Bryant (132).

Bowles (562), Holtzclaw (511), JoAnn Smith (510), LuAnn Bryant (507) and Norman (497) bowled the highest women’s series.

The top women’s games were rolled by Holtzclaw (207), Bowles (204), Norman (200), Smith (194) and Bryant (193).

Most improved honors went to Lewis Jones Jr. for the men and Jenny Norman for the women.


The top three teams — M&M (Merle Meade, Howard Mayfield and Al and Helen McKnight), Pick Ups (Sara Zuercher, Beverly Werner, Ritchey Vilmot and Sandy Reynolds) and The Upstarts (Turner Curtis, Ollie Gasser, Madison Wright and Raymond White) — were noted in last week’s column.

The ages for the M&M team total 301 years topped by Al McKnight at 85 years young.

The individual leaders for the league are recognized in today’s column.

Ollie Gasser compiled the top average for the men at 190, followed by Merle Meade (186), Tim Wells (171), Turner Curtis (168) and Al McKnight (159).

The best series were bowled by Gasser (717), Raymond White (660), Meade (652), Wells (595) and Fred Tilsley (569).

The best games were 300 by White, 278 by Gasser, 257 by Wells, 244 by Meade and 225 by Charles Harris.

Sara Zuercher led the league’s ladies with a 175 average, followed by Sandy Reynolds (173), Margaret Tilsley (154), Pat Harris (149) and Jan Farnstrom (146).

The best women’s series were bowled by Zuercher (603), Reynolds (583), Rizza VanDall (548), Sue Hegelmeyer (539) and Harris (525).

The high games were rolled by Reynolds (244), Zuercher (236), Hegelmeyer (226), Harris (215), Tilsley (212) and Farnstrom (212).

Most improved honors were earned by Raymond White for the men and Jamie Sowder for the women.

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