The Richmond Register

April 23, 2013

BOWLING: Simpson, Rogers hit 700 at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Brandon Simpson bowled his 12th 700 series of the season with a 728 score in the Galaxy Classic League on Monday.

Mark Rogers rolled the only other 700 series for the week with a 701 score in the Friday Night Mixed League, which included the high game for the week at Galaxy (267).

Regina Barton rolled the top women’s scores for the week with a 233 game and 628 series in the Galaxy Classic League.

Free lineage leagues start this week

Two of the four free     lineage leagues offered at Galaxy this summer will begin play this week.

A no-tap doubles league will start Tuesday and a four-person team league will start Friday. Both leagues use a 6:30 p.m. starting time.

Bowlers will pay $10 per week with 100 percent of the fees going to the prize fund. This will result in large payouts at the end of the season.

Go to Galaxy or call 624-4444 to join one or more of these leagues. Bowlers may also join by coming early to the first session.

Galaxy Championship Tournament

The second-annual Galaxy Championship Tournament will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday. This tournament is open only to Galaxy league bowlers.

The entry fee is $25.

After the bowlers have rolled three games, the 16 bowlers with the highest scores, including handicaps, will advance to double elimination match play. The tournament is handicapped at 90 percent of 210.

Tyler Morgan is the defending champion, while Lewis Jones Jr. and Bobby Abrams finished second and third last year.

Last week’s league  highlights

Galaxy Classic

This top-level league completed the second half of its split season on Monday.

Glenn Masters (257) and Gary Kerns (255) bowled the top games on the final night. The best series scores were 728 by Brandon Simpson and 679 by Neil Haggard.

A 600 series was also bowled by Tyler Morgan (671), Ron Gugel (666), Mark Rogers (650), Mike E. Bryant (648), Peanut Johnson (641), Shawn Barton (630), Regina Barton (628), Masters (625), Bruce Watson (622), David Norman (620), Ron Roberts (619), Lynn Estes (616), Ronnie Thomas (612), Anthony Taulbee (607) and Bobby Abrams (601).

Andi Daly rolled a 508 series.

Git-R-Done (Terry Jackson, Mark Rogers, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) emerged as champions for the second half of the split season.

Madison County Ford, led by a season-best 641 series by Peanut Johnson, moved from fourth place to second place on the final night. Mike Riley, Gary Holtzclaw and Ronnie Thomas are the other members of the runner-up team.

Spidermen (Billy McGuire, Tyler Morgan, Lynn Estes, Ron Roberts and Spider Weaver) finished third in the 14-team league.

The best averages for the full 31-week season were compiled by Brandon Simpson (228), Tyler Morgan (221), John Hickam (220), Ron Gugel (214), Lewis Jones Jr. (210) and Brandon Lutes (210).

The highest series scores were rolled by Lutes (790), Hickam (780), Simpson (775), Jones Jr. (768) and Shawn Barton (765).

The highest games were 300 each by Hickam and Barton, followed by Mike E. Bryant (290), Jones, Jr. (289) and David Norman (288).

Wednesday Wonders

The teams which finished in the top three positions in this league for the second half of its split season were recognized in last week’s column.

The top three teams were Mama’s Crew (Debra Robertson, Bobby Abrams, John Rice and Bill Schutters), Bazinga (Teresa and Terry Jackson and Jenny and David Norman) and Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles and Debby and Lewis Jones Jr.).

The individual leaders for the league are recognized in today’s column. Bowlers must participate in two-thirds of a league’s games to qualify for individual honors.

The best men’s averages for the full season were recorded by Lewis Jones Jr. (211), David Norman (207), Bill Bowles (195), Lewis Jones Sr. (189) and Carl Daniels (188).

The highest men’s series were 755 by Norman, 743 by Jones Jr., 677 by Steve McKnight, 675 by Bowles and 659 by Daniels.

The highest men’s games were bowled by Jones Jr. (290), Norman (278), McKnight (268), Bowles (267), Daniels (256) and Rick Stamper (256).

The best averages for the league’s ladies were recorded by Kymmi Bowles (147), Patricia Holtzclaw (146), Dana Starnes (136), Jenny Norman (133) and LuAnn Bryant (132).

Bowles (562), Holtzclaw (511), JoAnn Smith (510), LuAnn Bryant (507) and Norman (497) bowled the highest women’s series.

The top women’s games were rolled by Holtzclaw (207), Bowles (204), Norman (200), Smith (194) and Bryant (193).

Most improved honors went to Lewis Jones Jr. for the men and Jenny Norman for the women.


The top three teams — M&M (Merle Meade, Howard Mayfield and Al and Helen McKnight), Pick Ups (Sara Zuercher, Beverly Werner, Ritchey Vilmot and Sandy Reynolds) and The Upstarts (Turner Curtis, Ollie Gasser, Madison Wright and Raymond White) — were noted in last week’s column.

The ages for the M&M team total 301 years topped by Al McKnight at 85 years young.

The individual leaders for the league are recognized in today’s column.

Ollie Gasser compiled the top average for the men at 190, followed by Merle Meade (186), Tim Wells (171), Turner Curtis (168) and Al McKnight (159).

The best series were bowled by Gasser (717), Raymond White (660), Meade (652), Wells (595) and Fred Tilsley (569).

The best games were 300 by White, 278 by Gasser, 257 by Wells, 244 by Meade and 225 by Charles Harris.

Sara Zuercher led the league’s ladies with a 175 average, followed by Sandy Reynolds (173), Margaret Tilsley (154), Pat Harris (149) and Jan Farnstrom (146).

The best women’s series were bowled by Zuercher (603), Reynolds (583), Rizza VanDall (548), Sue Hegelmeyer (539) and Harris (525).

The high games were rolled by Reynolds (244), Zuercher (236), Hegelmeyer (226), Harris (215), Tilsley (212) and Farnstrom (212).

Most improved honors were earned by Raymond White for the men and Jamie Sowder for the women.


Bridget Settles bowled the high game (212) and series (562) series as this league finished the second half of its split season Tuesday.

Doris Gish rolled the second-best series (512) and Janell Williams rolled a no-miss 201 game.

Splits were converted by Fanny Rice (5-7-8), Betty Morris (5-10) and Kim Owens (5-10).

Spare Parts (Sybil Fagan, Nancy Ross, Janell Williams and Brenda Underwood) finished on top followed by Spare Change (Marietta McBride, Peggy Coy, Harriette Williams and Pam Johnson) and No Shows (Joan Mott, Betty Morris and Jamie Carroll).

The individual leaders for the league will be noted in next week’s column.

Friday Night Mixed

This league completed its 2012-13 season last week.

Mark Rogers bowled the high game (267) and series (701) on the final night. Glenn Masters was second in both categories with a 259 game and 680 series.

A 600 series was also bowled by Ron Gugel (649), Lewis Jones Jr. (637), Neil Haggard (633) and Kenny Smith (604).

Smith bowled a rare all-spare game while recording a 187 score in his first game of the night.

Veteran bowler Jack Noe rolled a season-best 553 series. Noe has bowled in sanctioned leagues every year since 1962 except for one year he missed because of knee surgery.

Beverly Shearer (193) and Narita Rose (181) bowled the high women’s games for the night. Rose rolled the best women’s series (513) followed by Shearer and Tracy Gugel at 483 each.

Splits were converted by Ron Gugel (6-7), Shearer (5-7), Wanda Cole (3-5-9-10), John Hickam (2-10 and 2-4-10), Beth Smith (2-7) and Bill Bowles (2-7).

We’ve Been Framed (Russell Jones, Narita Rose, Steve Woltering and John Hickam) captured the league championship and the $800 first-place prize money with 92 wins.

Space Balls (Wanda Cole, Bobby Abrams, Beverly Shearer and Kymmi and Bill Bowles) finished second with 79 wins, while third place went to Bowling Buddies (Mark Rogers, Julia Landreth and Debby and Lewis Jones, Jr.) with 75 wins.

The individual leaders for this league will be recognized in next week’s column.

Cash Money

Steve McKnight led this league with a 251 game and 623 series. Sam Spangler bowled the second-best game (216) and J.J. Reisig the second-high series for league members (582). Substitute T. J. Tudor rolled a 215 game and 589 series.

The high women’s game (144) and series (398) were bowled by Debra Robertson, followed by Beth Voorhees (133) and (356).

Extra frames

Lewis Jones Jr. has bowled eight 700 series this season, not seven as was reported last week.

Jacob Tyler, three-month old son of Rita and Tyler Morgan, brightened the lanes with his presence on the final night of bowling in the Galaxy Classic League on Monday.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Mark Rogers    267

Glenn Masters    259

Gary Kerns    255

Steve McKnight    251

Brandon Simpson    249

Ron Gugel    248

Tyler Morgan    240

Kenny Smith    236

Ron Roberts    233

Shawn Barton    232

Bobby Abrams    229

Neil Haggard    227

Lewis Jones Jr.    225

Peanut Johnson    224

Lynn Estes    224

Mike E. Bryant    224

Bruce Watson    222

Aaron Rose    221

Sam Spangler    216

Ronnie Thomas    215

T. J. Tudor    215

David Norman    214

Joe Reichel    213

Don R. Johnson    212

Barry Miller    211

Tim Lainhart    211

Steve Woltering    211

Carl Daniels    210

Colin Green    210

Jim Collins    208

Donald Spivey    208

Scott Kaylor    207

Ronald Richmond    207

Bill Bowles    206

Anthony Taulbee    205

Mike Riley    204

J. J. Reisig    204

John Hickam    204

Lance Dickert    203

Gary Holtzclaw    202

Robert Sewell    202

Gary Cromer    200

Women’s games

Regina Barton    233

Janell Williams    201

Doris Gish    199

Andi Daly    196

Beverly Shearer    193

Pam Johnson    181

Narita Rose    181

Connie Bowlin    180

Bridget Settles    180