The Richmond Register

April 30, 2013

BOWLING: Summer leagues roll into action at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — The transition from winter leagues to summer leagues is nearly complete at Galaxy.

The non-sanctioned Cash Money League is the only winter league still active.

The first league to start its summer season was the free lineage Tuesday No-tap League, which opened play last week.

Two free lineage leagues will start this week. A non-sanctioned doubles league will open play Wednesday and a sanctioned league with four-person teams will roll into action on Friday.

Another sanctioned league with four-person teams will open Monday, May 6. All these leagues use a 6:30 p.m. starting time.

A fifth free lineage league has been added to the options available at Galaxy this summer. The non-sanctioned Cash Money League with four-person teams will open play at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 3. The first place team in this league is guaranteed a prize of $1,000.

The weekly fee for each of the free lineage leagues is $10 per bowler each week. All of the fees go toward the prize fund which will result in large pay outs at the end of the season.

Bowlers should call Galaxy at 624-4444 or come early to the first session to join one or more of these leagues.

Monthly seniorstournament

Thirteen bowlers participated in the initial monthly seniors tournament on April 21.

Men and women aged 50 or higher were eligible to bowl in this tourney in which bowlers were granted a handicap of 90 percent of the difference between the bowler’s average and 220.

Holly Cowell finished first with a handicapped score of 703 for three games. Skip Cowell was second with a 686 score and Steve Dalton was third at 684.

The best scratch games were bowled by Carl Daniels (221), Steve McKnight (218) and Skip Cowell (213).

In addition to fun and fellowship, the seniors competed for prize money of $50 for first place, $30 for second and $20 for third.

The next seniors tournament is planned for May 19 at 2 p.m.

Last week’s league highlights

There was limited action last week during the winter to summer transition      period.

Steve McKnight bowled the high men’s game (278) and Carolyn McKnight rolled the high women’s game (179). No man managed to roll a 600 series and no woman reached the 500 series level.

 Note: Brandon Simpson has bowled 20 700 series this season, not 12 as was reported in last week’s column.

Cash Money

Steve McKnight led this league with a season-best 278 game. J.J. Reisig rolled the second-best game at 226. The top series scores were 599 by Reisig and 566 by McKnight.

Carolyn McKnight bowled her season-best game (179) to lead the league’s ladies, while the next-best game was 145 by Jessica Bitnar.

The best women’s series were 443 by McKnight and 400 by Mark Mink.

Tuesday Doubles No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

The free lineage Tuesday No-tap League opened its summer season last week with 22 teams.

Gary Cromer bowled a no-tap 300 game on the opening night, while John Hickam rolled the second-best game at 276. The top series were 795 by Hickam, 725 by Bill Bowles, 717 by Lynn Estes and 703 by Cromer.

Substitute Ron Roberts bowled a 290 game and 823 series.

Narita Rose led the ladies in the league with a 253 game and 663 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 218 and 557.

A 600 series was also bowled by Russell Truesdale (684), Todd Young (672), Steve Dalton (671), Carl Daniels (649) and Bobby Abrams (628).

Friday Night Mixed

The teams which finished first, second and third for the season — We’ve Been Framed (Russell Jones, Narita Rose, Steve Woltering and John Hickam), Space Balls (Wanda Cole, Bobby Abrams, Beverly Shearer and Kymmi and Bill Bowles) and Bowling Buddies (Mark Rogers, Julia Landreth and Debby and Lewis Jones Jr.) — were listed in last week’s column.

The individual leaders are recognized in today’s column.

The highest averages for the men were compiled by John Hickam (222), Mark Rogers (212), Lewis Jones Jr. (208), Neil Haggard (207) and Ron Gugel (207).

Hickam rolled the best men’s series (794), followed by Haggard (773), Jones Jr. (751), Rogers (746) and Ronald Richmond (713).

Jones Jr. bowled a 300 game to lead the league. The next-best games were rolled by Hickam (290), Haggard (289), Glenn Masters (279), Rogers (278) and Steve Woltering (278).

Narita Rose recorded the best women’s average (178), followed by Novel Davis (162), Beverly Shearer (162), Julia Landreth (152) and Tracy Gugel (151).

Rose’s league-leading 707 series was the only 700 series bowled by a woman at Galaxy this season. The next-best women’s series were rolled by Davis (615), Shearer (569), Gugel (540) and Christy Richmond (540).

The highest games were 277 by Rose, 233 by Richmond, 230 by Davis, 224 by Shearer and 220 by Lisa Ball.

Most improved honors went to Steve Woltering for the men and Tracy Gugel for the women.


The top teams for the second half of the split season — Spare Parts (Sybil Fagan, Nancy Ross, Janell Williams and Brenda Undewood), Spare Change (Marietta McBride, Peggy Coy, Harriette Williams and Pam Johnson) and No Shows (Joan Mott, Betty Morris and Jamie Carroll) — were recognized in last week’s column.

The individual leaders are noted in today’s column.

The best averages were recorded by Connie Bowlin (161), Bridget Settles (160), Doris Gish (150), Linda Bowles (147) and Tina Hunter (147).

Settles bowled the highest series (562), followed by Jan Barnes (545), Bowlin (544), Gish (512) and Bowles (512).

The highest games were 234 by Barnes, 212 by Settles, 201 by Janell Williams, 200 by Gish and 196 by Bowlin.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Steve McKnight    278

J. J. Reisig    226

Lance Rickert    210

Vince Townsend    204

Women’s games

Carolyn McKnight    179