The Richmond Register

October 26, 2013

H.S. CROSS COUNTRY:Central, Berea, Model get final tune-up before region

Register Staff Report

RICHMOND — Central, Berea and Model competed in the Cave Run Classic in Monticello Saturday.

Madison Central claimed first place in the girls varsity, boys varsity, boys JV and boys middle school races.

Berea also did well placing second in the girls varsity and fourth in boys varsity.

In the boys varsity race Central took the top three, and five of the first six spots.

Brennan Fields led the way with a time of 16:27.97 to take top honors.

Teammates Mason Crump, 17:01.45 and Griffin Sexton, 17:16.62 finished number two and three respectively.

Central’s Seth Richardson was fifth with a time of 17:29.91 and Grant Brockman wa sixth with a time of 17:32.80. Chris Morrow was 18th with a 19:07.95.

Luke Satterthwaite led the the  Pirates to a fourth-place finish, placing seventh with a time of 17:56.25.

Raymond McKinney also placed in the top ten at number ten with a time of 18:28.39.

Other finishers for Berea include: Joseph Mecham; 23rd, 19:26.98, Adam Johnson; 39th, 20:57.13, Nicholas Carpenter; 52nd, 22:05.49, Levi Sadderholm; 57th, 23:08.67 and Roy Smith; 59th, 23:30.16.

Model’s Nathan Rininger placed 24th in a time of 19:33.17.

Central and Berea finished one and two in the girls varsity race.

The Lady Indians claimed four of the top six spots in crusing to the win. Julia Manning led the way taking second to Williamsburg’s Selena Mattingly with a time of 20:11.06.

Ivanna Sabino was fourth with at time of 20:35.32, Melanie Manning finished fifth in 20:49.64 and Anna Knox was sixth with a time of 21:32.31.

Other Lady Indians’ finsihers were: Anna Marshall; 14th in a time of 22:45.05, Kimberly Mosher; 21st with a 23:51.64 and Emily Jones; 25th in a time of 24:18.55.

Berea’s Bailey Rosenbarker led the way for the Lady Pirates with a third place finish in a time of 20:23.25.

Sofia Saderholm was 9th with a time of 22:12.07 while Rhiannon Connor was 18th with a time of 23:29.64 and Am H was 20th with a 23:46.32.

Other finishers for Berea were; Katherine McManus; 28th, 24:42.18, Cora Livingston; 34th, 25:55.27 and As H; 36th with a time of 26:29.17.

For Model’s girls, Coco May placed 17th with a time of 23:22.05, Reagan Cole was 22nd in a time of 23:53.48, Holly Miller was 30th in a time of 25:20.38 and Melanie Welssing placed 32nd in a time of 25:23.50.

Middle School boys finishers for Central were: Garrett Puckett; 3rd, 12:03.03, Dakota Hill; 5th, 12:36.21, Ryan Vincent; 10th, 13:38.00, Joshua Mathes; 11th, 13:54.81, Blake Buckner; 13th, 14:03.49, Jackson Jones; 14th, 14:53.24, Blake Brockman; 15th, 14:55.49, Ashton Glasscock; 17th, 17:26.56 and Vito Sabino; 18th, 17:45.80.

Central JV boys finisher were: Wes Newman; 4th, 19:03.72, Josh Perrin; 5th, 20:18.59, Parker Stanley; 6th, 20:25.47, Connor Ridings; 8th, 20:43.40, Ethan Minerich; 10th, 22:42.48, Dominic Parks; 14th, 23:05.82, Trenton Hughley: 22nd, 25:19.72 and Mason Delaney; 28th, 31:48.26.

Berea JV finisher were: Isaac Bradford; 18th, 24:25.71, Porter Libby; 24th, 27:08.58, Thomas Weckman; 27th, 28:44.76 and Ethan Wilton; 29th, 34:02.83.

Central girls JV finishers were: Abigail York; 1st, 24:50.92 and Hunter Goodman; 2nd, 25:30.32.