The Richmond Register

October 17, 2013

BOWLING: Secchi takes state senior title

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Janie Secchi finished as the state champion in the 60-64 age group of the Senior Women’s State Tournament, which was held at Galaxy on Oct. 5 and 6. Secchi collected $100 for her first-place finish and she qualified for the senior women’s national tournament in Reno, Nev., in July 2014.

Five other local ladies placed high enough to earn cash awards.

Sue Hegelmeyer finished second and Beverly Shearer placed fourth in the 55-59 division, earning $87 and $50, respectively.

Carroll Hackworth and Jelemia Sanders placed third and fourth in the 75-and-older division winning $72 and $61, respectively, and

Lois Evans collected $46 by placing seventh in the 65-69 division.

The number of positions qualifying for cash awards was determined by the number of entries in each division.

The 205 participants from throughout the Commonwealth bowled six games each — a total of 1,230 games. There were three sessions each day with most of the Galaxy lanes in use for each session. The winners were determined by the actual scores bowled plus handicaps.

Congratulations are due Madison County Women’s Bowling Association manager Velma Cruse, who served as the tournament director, for operating this large tourney in a most efficient manner with the help of the MCWBA board members and the staff of the Galaxy Center.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Ron Gugel (722) and Shawn Barton (719) rolled a 700 series to lead this league on Monday. The high games were 274 by Mark Rogers and 268 by Aaron Rose.

A 600 series was bowled by Rose (688), Brandon Simpson (697), Todd Young (655), Robby Bales (640), Mark Rogers (639), Barry Miller (639, Bill Bowles (633), Matt Wieczorek (632), Randy Burgess (629), Terry Jackson (611), Ronnie Thomas (606), Ron Roberts (606), Steve Woltering (606) and Cody Dapkus (600). The league’s ladies were led by Andi Daly with a 240 game and 605 series. Both of her scores were the highest bowled by a woman at Galaxy this week. Regina Barton rolled a 202 game and 560 series.

Galaxy Girls

Jan Stepp led this league with a personal-best 223 game on Tuesday. She also tied Amy Felty for the second-high series at 526. Narita Rose rolled the high series for the night at 546. A 500 series was also bowled by Shella Cobb (525) and substitute Novel Davis (543). The best games after Stepp’s were 211 by Cobb and 209 by Felty.

Splits were converted by Lois Evans (6-9-10), Betty Lou Masters (4-5), Beverly Aleshire (2-7), Brenda Williams (3-10), Bridget Settles (5-7), Tammy Fourre (5-10), Carole Bales (3-10), Beverly Shearer (2-9) and Janie Secchi (3-10 and 5-6).


The high games on Tuesday morning were 163 by Linda Bowles and 161 by Doris Gish, while the best series scores were 461 by Gish and 444 by Bridget Settles.

Jane Gordon picked up the difficult 7-9 split. Other splits were converted by Kathy Palmer (5-9), Fanny Rice (5-10), Kim Owens (5-7) and Gish (5-10 twice).

Wednesday Wonders

The high games by the members of this league last week were 245 by Don L. Johnson and 232 by Mark Rogers, while the top series scores were 683 by Rogers and 611 by Gary Holtzclaw.

Kymmi Bowles (180) and Cynthia Eades (178) bowled the top women’s games. The top women’s series were 469 by Pat Holtzclaw and 439 by Bowles.

Substitute Brandon Simpson topped all the league members with a 267 game and 741 series.

Classic Doubles

Beverly Shearer led all the members of this league with a no-miss 214 game, and she rolled the top women’s series at 524 last Thursday.

Pam Bennett bowled the second-best women’s game (154) and Denise Lakner rolled the second-high women’s series (412).

The top men’s games were 209 by Josh Jackson and 197 by Andrew Parsons, while the best men’s series were 548 by Mike Huser and 522 by Carl Daniels.

Splits were converted by Shearer (6-7-10), Pam Bennett (5-7) and Bobby Abrams (5-7).


Glenn Masters and Ron Gugel bowled the best scores for the members of this league last week. Masters rolled a 266 game and 656 series and Gugel bowled a 258 game and 690 series.

Rizza VanDall led the league’s ladies with a 205 game and 540 series. Sara Zuercher and Margaret Tilsley tied for the second-best game at 187, while the next-best series was 524 by Zuercher. Sandy Reynolds rolled a 507 series.

Substitute Brandon Simpson scored higher than any league member with a 279 game and 738 series.

Early Birds

Gail Campbell led this league on Wednesday morning with a 182 game and a 521 series. Beverly Brassfield bowled the second-best game (176) and Sue Hegemeyer rolled the second-high series (453).

Splits were converted by Brassfield (3-10), Karen Kensicki (5-7), and Joyce Kearns (5-8, 5-10 and 6-7-10).

Cash Money

The best games by the male members of this league on Monday were 202 by Harlan Dyehouse and 191 by Donald Spivey, while the best series scores were 497 by Spivey and 466 by Dyehouse.

Christy Andrews led the ladies with a 189 game and 505 series. Jessica Bitnar rolled the second-best women’s game (157) and Colleen Jackson bowled the second-high women’s series (399).

Substitute Gary Cromer rolled a 213 game and 600 series, and sub T. J. Tudor converted a 3-6-7-10 split.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer bowled the first no-tap 300 game of the season on Tuesday. Cromer’s gem included 11 actual strikes, with his only no-tap strike coming on his 11th ball. Cromer also rolled the high series for the night (693).

The next-best games were 254 by Steve Dickey and 253 by Kyle Shultz, while the second and third best series scores were 615 by Dickey and 611 by Shultz.

The league’s ladies were led by April Brumfield with a 216 game and 601 series, followed by Joanna Dickey at 177 and 473.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Brandon Simpson    279

Mark Rogers    274

Aaron Rose    268

Glenn Masters    266

Randy Burgess    266

Ron Gugel    258

Terry Jackson    257

Robby Bales    257

Shawn Barton    254

Todd Young    248

Barry Miller    247

Matt Wieczorek    246

Don L. Johnson    245

Steve Woltering    245

Ronald Richmond    234

Cody Dapkus    230

Mark Daly    229

Ronnie Thomas    228

Ron Roberts    227

Ronnie Hurd    225

Carl Daniels    223

David Norman    223

Bill Bowles    223

Gary Holtzclaw    222

Jarrod Moore    222

Patrick Wells    221

Ritchey Wilmot    217

Corey Miller    215

Lewis Jones Jr.    213

Gary Cromer    213

Lewis Jones Sr.    213

Paul Dapkus    212

Joe Reichel    212

Russell Jones    210

Charlie Harris    210

J. R. Martin    210

Neil Haggard    210

Josh Jackson    209

Bobby Abrams    205

Jim Holt    204

Lynn Estes    202

Harlan Dyehouse    202

Kenny Smith    200

Women’s games

Andi Daly    240

Jan Stepp    223

Beverly Shearer    214

Shella Cobb    211

Amy Felty    209

Rizza VanDall    205

Regina Barton    203

Novel Davis    195

Susie King    194

Narita Rose    192

Christy Andrews    189

Margaret Tilsley    187

Sue Hegelmeyer    185

Gail Campbell    182

Kymmi Bowles    180

Novel Davis    180

Sandy Reynolds    180