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March 31, 2013

BOWLING: Simpson hits 700 three more times at Galaxy

RICHMOND — Brandon Simpson continued his high-scoring pace with three more 700 series (773, 750 and 709) last week at Galaxy. Simpson has bowled eight 700 series in the past three weeks.

John Hickam (763), Tyler Morgan (704) and Neil Haggard (702) also bowled a 700 series last week.

Hickam and Brandon Lutes tied for the high game for the week, at 278.

Narita Rose bowled the top women’s game (257) and series (618) for the week.

Dause Memorial          Tourney a success

The second-annual Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament was held on March 24. Lemetta, an avid bowler and member of the Galaxy 600 Club for women, was lost to cancer in December 2011.

The proceeds from the tournament ($1,235) were contributed to Hospice Care Plus in honor of Lemetta.

A total of 61 bowlers participated in the tournament, which used the 3-6-9 and no-tap formats. Bowlers were awarded free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames and nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counted as a strike. This scoring pattern contributed to higher-than-usual scores.

The 10 men and ten women with the highest scores selected one of the prizes which had been donated by local businesses and individuals.

Mark Rogers and Lewis Jones Jr. tied for first place among the men with a score of 1,163 for four games. Each man rolled two 300 games with the enhanced scoring system.

The other men who finished in the top 10 were: Mike Huser, David Norman, Bill Bowles, Carl Daniels, Steve McKnight, Randy Burgess, Terry Jackson and Jim Hisle.

Narita Rose bowled the high score for the women, at 1,074, which included two 300 games.

Brenda Marcum, Kymmi Bowles, Novel Davis, Beverly Shearer, Amy Felty, Margaret Tilsley, Velma Cruse, Tina Hisle and Jan Stepp completed the list of top women scorers.

More than 30 door prizes were awarded to those bowlers who did not place in the top 10, but whose winning ticket numbers were drawn.

Harvey Poynter, president of the Madison County Bowling Association, and Velma Cruse, manager of the Madison County Women’s Bowling Association, served as tournament directors.

Annual meetings set

The Madison County Bowling Association’s annual meeting will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday at Galaxy. The agenda will include the election of officers and board members. All MCBA members are invited.

The annual meeting of the Madison County Women’s Bowling Association will be held on April 13 at 1 p.m. at Galaxy.

Plans for the state women’s seniors tournament at Galaxy in October will be discussed. All women league bowlers are welcome.

Last week’s league highlights

Galaxy Classic

Three men — John Hickam (763), Brandon Simpson (709) and Tyler Morgan (704) — bowled a 700 series on Monday.

Brandon Lutes (278) and Morgan (276) rolled the highest games.

Seventeen men bowled a 600 series led by Lutes, Lewis Jones Jr. and Mark Daly, at 694 each.

Others who reached the 600 series level included Glenn Masters (688), Matt Wieczorek (676), Shawn Barton (669), Bruce Watson (666), Ronnie Thomas (657) and Joe Reichel (650).

 Spider Weaver (642), Neil Haggard (629), Todd Young (629), Joe Bailey (624), Randy Burgess (619), Ron Gugel (618), Aaron Rose (608) and Mark Rogers (604) completed the roster of 600 series bowlers for the night.

Three women — Regina Barton (561), Andi Daly (514) and Kymmi Bowles (504) — rolled a 500-level series.

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