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October 10, 2013

BOWLING: Simpson rolls first 300 game of season


RICHMOND — Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose rolled the highest women’s series of the season at Galaxy with a 666 total in this league on Tuesday. She also bowled the highest game for the league’s season at 233.

Tiara Holt bowled the second-best game (205) and Carole Bales rolled the second-high series for league members at 477.

A 500 series was bowled by substitutes Beverly Shearer (501) and Bridget Settles (500).

Splits were converted by Cheryl Beauchamp (2-7), Rita Roberts (5-6), Velma Cruse (5-10), Tammy Fourre (5-6), Linda Combs (3-7-8) and Emma Lee Tate (3-9-10 and 2-5-10).


Sara Zuercher set a new high mark for a women’s game at Galaxy this season with a 256 score last week. She also set a new series high for this league at 665.

Beverly Shearer was close behind with a 233 game and 616 series. Shearer had rolled the previous women’s high game for the Galaxy season at 254.

A 500 series was bowled by Novel Davis (572) and Sandy Reynolds (519).

The best men’s games were 245 by Jim Collins and 234 by Lewis Jones Jr., while the high men’s series were 676 by Steve Woltering and 661 by Jones Jr.

Wednesday Wonders

The top series by the league’s members last week were 636 by Rick Stamper, 617 by Bill Bowles and 606 by Mark Rogers.

Rogers (224), Bowles (221) and Stamper (221) also bowled the high game scores.

LuAnn “Poovie” Bryant led the league’s ladies with a 170 game and 457 series, followed by Julia Landreth at 161 and 448.

Substitute Brandon Simpson topped all the league members with a 258 game and 723 series.

Classic Doubles

Russell Truesdale (225) and Bobby Abrams (214) bowled the high games last Thursday, while the best series scores were 576 by Mike Huser and 571 by Carl Daniels.

Beverly Shearer rolled the high women’s game (189) and series (513), followed by Denise Lakner (186) and (430).


Connie Bowlin led this league on Tuesday morning with a 188 game and 480 series.

The second-best game was 171 by Linda Bowles, while the second-high series was 472 by Sue Hegelmeyer.

Splits were converted by Sybil Fagan (2-7) and Harriette Williams (6-7-10).

Early Birds

The high game (183) and series (483) in this league on Wednesday morning were bowled by Beverly Shearer.

Karen Kensicki rolled the next-best scores with a 180 game and 467 series.

Splits were converted by Gail Campbell (4-5) and Carroll Hackworth (4-5 and 4-5-7).

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