The Richmond Register

October 10, 2013

BOWLING: Simpson rolls first 300 game of season

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Brandon Simpson bowled the first 300 game of the 2013-14 season at Galaxy with a perfect score in the Galaxy Classic League on Monday. His gem was part of a 745 series, which was the high series for the week.

This was actually Simpson’s second 300 game of the day as he had bowled a 300 game while practicing before league play started. Of course, games rolled outside of sanctioned league play are not recognized by the United States Bowling Congress.

Simpson bowled two sanctioned 300 games during the 2011-12 season and just missed perfection last season with a 299 game.

Simpson’s 228 average in the Galaxy Classic League last season topped the Galaxy leaderboard.

Senior women’s state      tournament

A total of 219 women from across the state participated in the Senior Women’s State Tournament at Galaxy on Saturday and Sunday.

The final results have not yet been released. The performances of the Madison County ladies in this tourney will be reported when this information is available.

Kentucky state tournaments

The Kentucky Women’s Bowling Association’s state tournament will take place in Ashland on Oct. 25 through 27 and Nov. 2 and 3.

Entries close at midnight on Saturday.

The 58th annual Kentucky Bowling Association’s state tournament is scheduled for Owensboro Nov. 1 through 3, Nov. 9 and 10 and Nov. 16 and 17. The deadline to enter this tournament is Oct. 29.

Registration forms for both of these tourneys are available at the Galaxy Center.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Brandon Simpson’s league-leading accomplishments are detailed at the top of this column.

The next-best performances were a 278 game and 712 series by Barry Miller and a 257 game and 727 series by Ron Gugel.

A 600 series was rolled by Lewis Jones Jr. (684), Matt Wieczorek (674), Mark Rogers (673), Randy Burgess (644), Patrick Wells (641), Bill Bowles (639), Cody Dapkus (631), Glenn Masters (630), Lewis Jones Sr. (619), Todd Young (608), David Norman (604) and Ronnie Thomas (603).

Regina Barton led the league’s ladies with a 218 game and 633 series, followed by Andi Daly at 216 and 583.

Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose rolled the highest women’s series of the season at Galaxy with a 666 total in this league on Tuesday. She also bowled the highest game for the league’s season at 233.

Tiara Holt bowled the second-best game (205) and Carole Bales rolled the second-high series for league members at 477.

A 500 series was bowled by substitutes Beverly Shearer (501) and Bridget Settles (500).

Splits were converted by Cheryl Beauchamp (2-7), Rita Roberts (5-6), Velma Cruse (5-10), Tammy Fourre (5-6), Linda Combs (3-7-8) and Emma Lee Tate (3-9-10 and 2-5-10).


Sara Zuercher set a new high mark for a women’s game at Galaxy this season with a 256 score last week. She also set a new series high for this league at 665.

Beverly Shearer was close behind with a 233 game and 616 series. Shearer had rolled the previous women’s high game for the Galaxy season at 254.

A 500 series was bowled by Novel Davis (572) and Sandy Reynolds (519).

The best men’s games were 245 by Jim Collins and 234 by Lewis Jones Jr., while the high men’s series were 676 by Steve Woltering and 661 by Jones Jr.

Wednesday Wonders

The top series by the league’s members last week were 636 by Rick Stamper, 617 by Bill Bowles and 606 by Mark Rogers.

Rogers (224), Bowles (221) and Stamper (221) also bowled the high game scores.

LuAnn “Poovie” Bryant led the league’s ladies with a 170 game and 457 series, followed by Julia Landreth at 161 and 448.

Substitute Brandon Simpson topped all the league members with a 258 game and 723 series.

Classic Doubles

Russell Truesdale (225) and Bobby Abrams (214) bowled the high games last Thursday, while the best series scores were 576 by Mike Huser and 571 by Carl Daniels.

Beverly Shearer rolled the high women’s game (189) and series (513), followed by Denise Lakner (186) and (430).


Connie Bowlin led this league on Tuesday morning with a 188 game and 480 series.

The second-best game was 171 by Linda Bowles, while the second-high series was 472 by Sue Hegelmeyer.

Splits were converted by Sybil Fagan (2-7) and Harriette Williams (6-7-10).

Early Birds

The high game (183) and series (483) in this league on Wednesday morning were bowled by Beverly Shearer.

Karen Kensicki rolled the next-best scores with a 180 game and 467 series.

Splits were converted by Gail Campbell (4-5) and Carroll Hackworth (4-5 and 4-5-7).

Cash Money

Donald Spivey led this league with a 189 game and 510 series on Monday. Sam Spangler and Bob Milto tied for the next-best scores as they both rolled a 185 game and 499 series.

Colleen Jackson led the ladies with a 160 game and 443 series, followed by Jessica Bitnar at 136 and 330.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Kyle Shultz led this league on Tuesday with a 253 game and 694 series, followed by Josh Wilson at 243 and 602.

The best women’s games were 219 by Joanna Dickey and 217 by April Brumfield, while the high series scores were 519 by Brumfield and 423 by Dickey.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Brandon Simpson    300

Barry Miller    278

Ron Gugel    257

Lewis Jones Jr.    256

Matt Wieczorek    256

David Norman    245

Jim Collins    245

Bill Bowles    243

Glenn Masters    236

Neil Haggard    234

Todd Young    234

Mark Rogers    233

Steve Woltering    231

Shawn Barton    231

Cody Dapkus    230

Lewis Jones Sr.    226

Russell Truesdale    225

Randy Burgess    225

Joe Bailey    224

Aaron Rose    222

Patrick Wells    222

Rick Stamper    221

Bobby Abrams    214

Ronnie Thomas    212

Tim Wells    212

Billy McGuire    210

Raymond White    210

Russell Jones    209

Joe Reichel    203

Mike Huser    202

Carl Daniels    202

Ronald Richmond    202

Gary Holtzclaw    201

Mike Riley    201

Don L. Johnson    201

William Taylor    200

Ron Roberts    200

Women’s games

Sara Zuercher    256

Beverly Shearer    233

Narita Rose    233

Regina Barton    218

Andi Daly    216

Tiara Holt    205

Novel Davis    198

Margaret Tilsley    189

Bridget Settles    189

Connie Bowlin    188

Denise Lakner    186

Sandy Reynolds    186

Tracy Gugel    181

Karen Kensicki    180