The Richmond Register

July 25, 2013

BOWLING: Roberts wins monthly seniors tourney

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Ron Roberts won the monthly seniors tournament on Sunday with a handicapped score of 698.

Second place went to Lois Evans with a handicapped score of 685, while Pat Holtzclaw was third at 669.

Roberts also bowled the highest actual scores with a 223 game and 626 series. The next-best scratch games were 201 by Carl Daniels and 170 by Gary Holtzclaw. Daniels (573) and Gary Holtzclaw (463) also rolled the next-highest scratch series scores.

This was the final monthly seniors tournament for the year. The Madison County Bowling Association will sponsor monthly tournaments for its members this fall.

League highlights

Monday Mixed

Git-R-Done (Terry Jackson, John Rice, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) trailed the Pittsnogglers (Zach Niekirk, Matt Cracraft and Tyler and Andrew Magedanz) by two games entering the final night of play this week. Thus, Git-R-Done needed to win all three games and total pins in a head-to-head match to move into first place.

Git-R-Done won the first two games by scores of 832-801 and 818-792, but the Lexington-based Pittsnogglers won the third game 842-771 and total pins 2,435 to 2,421 to take the league title.

The Pittsnogglers collected $500 for finishing first, while Git-R-Done was awarded $300 for its runner-up finish.

Hammer Time (Todd Young, Nate Rosenbauer, Gary Cromer and Carl Daniels) earned $200 for finishing third.

Each team in the league earned $10 for each game won during the season. The $10 per win added $320 to the winnings for the first-place team, $300 more for the runner-up team and $290 to the winnings for Hammer Time.

The high series scores for the night were bowled by Matt Cracraft (682), Aaron Rose (680), Andrew Magedanz (662), Brandon Simpson (654), Lewis Jones, Jr. (633) and Neil Haggard (615).

Miranda Reffit (246) and Beverly Shearer (213) rolled the best women’s games for the night, while the high women’s series were 595 by Shearer and 593 by Reffitt.

The individual leaders for the season will be recognized in next week’s          column.

Friday Doubles

John Hickam led this league last week with a 248 game and 661 series.

Todd Young bowled the second-best game (236) and Bobby Abrams rolled the second-high series (584).

Summer Cash Money

The high games this week were 227 by Vince Townsend and 224 by J. J. Reisig.

Reisig (555) and Townsend (553) also bowled the high series scores.

Tuesday No-tap Doubles

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer and Bill Bowles each bowled a no-tap 300 game this week. It was the third no-tap 300 game of the summer for Cromer and the second one for Bowles.

The high series for the night were rolled by Bowles (779), John Hickam (774) and Carl Daniels (742).

The highest men’s games after the two “perfect” games were bowled by Hickam (298), Lynn Estes (286), Gary Holtzclaw (266), Daniels (265), Ron Roberts (253) and substitute Neil Haggard (263).

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 264 game and 608 series. Wanda Sampson bowled the second-best women’s game (228) and Sue Hegelmeyer rolled the second-highest women’s series (590).

A 600 series was also bowled by Estes (677), Roberts (674), Todd Young (672), Holtzclaw (647), Bobby Abrams (639), Donnie Barger (629) and sub Haggard (653).

This league will finish the season on Tuesday with four teams in position to win the league championship.

Hammer Time (Todd Young and Gary Cromer) leads with 44 wins, while Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles) and MM & RR (Mary Mink and Ron Roberts) have 42 wins each — just ahead of It Doesn’t Matter (Narita Rose and John Hickam) which has 41 wins.

Jamboree report

The 49th annual Kentucky State Bowling Association Jamboree was held at Rainbow Lanes in Leitchfield on July 13- 14. The Jamboree is a business meeting during which KSBA committees propose legislation to be considered at the annual meeting and make plans for the state tournament in November. This year’s annual meeting and state tournament will be held in Owensboro.

George Lambert, Midwest Regional Manager for the United States Bowling Congress, made a presentation covering several programs and policies of the USBC.

Lambert was a member of a national championship bowling team at Wichita State, and he worked for a while as a “nanny” for the children of professional bowlers Chris and Lynda Barnes.

The change in the USBC’s policies regarding awards for high scores was of most interest to those attending the meeting.

Starting with the 2013-14 season, the USBC will provide awards only for a 300 game, an 800 series and 11 strikes in a row.

The awards for a 200 game, 250 game, 600 series, 700 series, league championship, most improved bowler, etc. which had been provided by the USBC, will now be the responsibility of the local associations.

Each local association must now determine what accomplishments merit awards and the nature of those awards. Several of those present expressed concern about the cost to the local associations.

The date for the Senior Men’s (open) State Tournament was changed to Sept. 28 and 29 at the Galaxy Center. This tourney was previously scheduled for Oct. 5 and 6, but the change was made to avoid conflict with the Senior Women’s State Tournament which was also scheduled for that weekend at Galaxy.

Dennis Timberlake, from Louisville, has agreed to accept the position of Association Manager for the KSBA replacing Corky Steinmetz, from Owenboro, who is retiring after holding the position for 41 years.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Matt Cracraft     264

John Hickam    248

Andrew Magedanz    247

Lewis Jones Jr.    245

Aaron Rose    242

Todd Young    236

Bill Bowles    236

Neil Haggard    230

Brandon Simpson    227

Mike Bryant    227

Vince Townsend    227

Gary Cromer    225

J. J. Reisig    224

Tyler Magedanz    221

David Norman    219

Mark Rogers    215

Bobby Abrams    215

Sam Spangler    215

Carl Daniels    214

Paul Crowe    214

Charlie Glodt    213

Terry Jackson    211

Bruce Watson    210

Rick Stamper    206

T. J. Tudor    200

Women’s games

Miranda Reffitt    246

Beverly Shearer    213

Narita Rose    180