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February 17, 2013

BOWLING: Three men reach 700 at Galaxy

RICHMOND — Three men bowled a 700 series at Galaxy last week led by Brandon Simpson, whose 788 score in the Wednesday Wonders League ranks third on the Galaxy leaderboard for this season.

Shawn Barton bowled a 722 score in the Galaxy Classic League and John Hickam rolled a 704 series in the Friday Night Mixed League.

Matt Wieczorek rolled the high game for the week at 279 in the Galaxy Classic League.

The best women’s scores were a 598 series by Gail Campbell in the Early Birds League and a 235 game by Tina Hisle in the Classic Doubles League.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Shawn Barton bowled the top series (722) in this league last week and Matt Wieczorek rolled the high game (279).

Mark Rogers was second in both categories with a 269 game and 685 series.

A record number of men (20) rolled a 600 series in this league last Monday. In addition to Rogers, a 600 series was bowled by John Hickam (673), Mike E. Bryant (666), Aaron Rose (653), Wieczorek (650), Lewis Jones Jr. (649), Brandon Lutes (634), Bruce Watson (630), Daniel Benge (628) and Glenn Masters (626).

Spider Weaver (623), Brandon Simpson (614), Gary Cromer (613), Patrick Wells (613), Neil Haggard (608), Barry Miller (608), Billy McGuire (604), Bobby Abrams (601), David Norman (601) and Lynn Estes (600) completed the list of bowlers with a 600 series.

Two women — Regina Barton (595) and Andi Daly (546) — bowled a 500 series.

Galaxy Girls

Bridget Settles (210) and Brenda Marcum (202) rolled a 200-level game in this league last Tuesday.

The best series scores were 577 by Settles, 526 by Narita Rose and 510 by Marcum.

Splits were converted by Faye Willis (5-7-9), Pauline Denny (2-4-10), Amy Felty (5-7), Brenda Williams (5-7), Sherry Ernst

(2-7-8) and Lois Evans (6-7-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Bill Bowles led the members of this league last week with a 267 game and 636 series, followed by Carl Daniels at 256 and 626.

Substitute Brandon Simpson bowled a 788 series with game scores of 270, 259 and 259. This series score ranks third on the Galaxy leaderboard for the season behind a 794 series by John Hickam and a 790 score by Brandon Lutes.

Kymmi Bowles led the league’s ladies with a 204 game and 503 series, followed by Pat Holtzclaw at 159 and 456.

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