The Richmond Register

January 7, 2013

BOWLING: Leagues set to swing back in to action

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — All the Galaxy leagues will be in action this week as those who took a break for the holidays will resume play.

The Galaxy Classic League will start the second half of its split season and the Cash Money League will start a new season today.

On Tuesday, The Galaxy Girls will resume their 30-week season, while a new season will begin for the Arlington and Bad Bowlers No-Tap leagues

The Early Birds will continue their season on Wednesday morning and the Wednesday Wonders will start the second half of its split season that night.

The Classic Doubles League will be in action on Thursday night and the Friday Night Mixed and TGIF leagues will continue with their full-length seasons on Friday.

There is space available for individuals or teams in all the leagues which are starting new seasons, or the second half of a split season. Call 624-4444 or come to the first session at 6:30 p.m. to join a league.

Senior women’s tourney set for Sunday

The Madison County Women’s Bowling Association will hold its annual seniors tournament at 2 p.m. Sunday.

This tournament is open to MCWBA members who are 50 years of age or older.

County high school bowling teams to meet Saturday

The Madison Southern and Madison Central bowling teams will meet in a head-to-head match for the first time at 1 p.m. Saturday at Galaxy.

Both schools competed in the inaugural KHSAA Region 8 Tournament last year, but the teams could not meet in direct competition because Central only had a co-ed team.

Central has an expanded roster this year and can now put both a boy’s team and a girl’s team on the lanes.

The Madison Southern team won both the boy’s and girl’s competition in a match with Wayne County last Thursday.

The Southern boys won 5-2 with Jared Long leading the way with an impressive 260 game. Caleb Holbrook rolled the second-best boy’s game at 160.

Rebecca Sowder (184) and Shania Wilmot (133) bowled the top games for the Southern girls, who edged Wayne County 4-3.

League highlights

Early Birds

Patricia Harris (189) and Karen Kensicki (187) bowled the top games in this league last Wednesday.

The best series scores were 515 by Joyce Kearns and 502 by Harris.

Splits were converted by Kearns (3-7), Beverly Shearer (5-10) and Genny Bryant (3-7).

Classic Doubles

Ten teams took to the lanes last Thursday as this league resumed action after taking a break during the fall season.

Josh Jackson set the bar high on the opening night with a 266 game and 635 series. Jackson’s score was the highest game bowled at Galaxy last week. Carl Daniels rolled the next-best scores in this league with a 209 game and 578 series.

Beverly Shearer led the league’s ladies on the opening night with a 189 game and 466 series. Gloria Tyler bowled the second-best women’s game (158) and Tina Hisle the second-high series (442).

Friday Night Mixed

Neil Haggard led this league last week with a 258 game and the top series for the week at Galaxy with a 691 score. Mark Rogers rolled the next best league scores with a 228 game and 655 series.

A 600 series was also bowled by Bill Bowles (622), Glenn Masters (603) and Ron Gugel (602).

Beverly Shearer (185) and Tracy Gugel (183) bowled the top women’s games for the night, while the best women’s series were 500 by Narita Rose and 491 by Shearer.

Substitute Miranda Reffitt rolled a 188 game and 526 series.


The top men’s games in this league last week were 244 by Merle Meade and 203 by Ollie Gasser. They also bowled the top series scores — 587 for Meade and 571 for Gasser.

Terry Wilson led the women with a 206 game, followed by Sandy Reynolds at 191.

The best women’s series were 553 by Reynolds and 522 by Sara Zuercher.

Zuercher converted a 2-7 split, while Jamie Sowder, Jennifer Richmond and Beverly Werner each converted a 3-10 split.

Galaxy leaderboards for women

The top performances by men in the sanctioned leagues at Galaxy to this point in the season were recognized in last week’s column.

The best women’s averages, series scores and game scores thus far are noted in today’s column. The average listed is the woman’s best average in any one league in which she has bowled a minimum of 21 games.

The number of women with an average of 160 or higher at this point is 12 compared to 10 at this stage of the season last year.

Eleven women have rolled a series score exceeding 560 this season compared to 10 last year, while the number of women with a game score higher than 225 is 11 compared to seven at this point in the season last year.

Best women’s averages

Regina Barton    193

Miranda Reffitt    184

Sandy Reynolds    175

Sara Zuercher    175

Narita Rose    174

Andi Daly    173

Gail Campbell    172

Beverly Shearer    165

Novel Davis    163

Rita Morgan    162

Bridget Settles    162

Shella Cobb    160

Best Women’s Series

Regina Barton    669

Miranda Reffitt    654

Narita Rose    626

Novel Davis    615

Sara Zuercher    603

Beverly Shearer    596

Sandy Reynolds    575

Rita Morgan    572

Shella Cobb    572

Bridget Settles    565

Andi Daly    564

Best Women’s Games

Miranda Reffitt    263

Regina Barton    259

Narita Rose    247

Keeley Gadd    237

Beverly Shearer    236

Sara Zuercher    236

Bridget Settles    235

Sandy Reynolds    235

Christy Richmond    233

Shasta Richmond    227

Sue Hegelmeyer    226

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Joshua Jackson    266

Neil Haggard    258

Merle Meade    244

James Noe    234

Mark Rogers    228

Ron Gugel    224

Craig Richmond    222

Kenny Smith    216

Glenn Masters    216

Ronald Richmond    215

Bill Bowles    214

Bobby Abrams    211

Carl Daniels    209

Ollie Gasser    203

Ritchey Wilmot    201

Tim Lainhart    200

Women’s games

Terry Wilson    206

Sandy Reynolds    191

Beverly Shearer    189

Patricia Harris    189

Miranda Reffitt    188

Karen Kensicki    187

Tracy Gugel    183

Novel Davis    181

Joyce Kearns    180