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April 8, 2013

BOWLING: Norman leads the way at Galaxy


RICHMOND — Classic Doubles

This league completed its season on Thursday.

Russell Truesdale bowled his career-first 700 series with a 713 score to lead this league. He also rolled the high game for the night, at 269.

Not only was this Truesdale’s first 700 series, but he had not previously bowled a 600 series. This is the first time he has bowled in a sanctioned league.

The second-best scores were a 227 game and 601 series by Carl Daniels.

The best women’s games were 172 by Genny Bryant and 169 by Tina Hisle, while the best women’s series were 487 by Beverly Shearer and 437 by Bryant.

Splits were converted by Vernon Bennett (4-7-10) and Russell Jones (5-7)

T&D (Tina Hisle and David Robinson) held a two-game lead entering the final night, but The Bryants (Genny and George), beat T&D 4-0 on the final night to capture the league title with 34 wins.

The loss dropped T&D to third place behind The McKnights (Carolyn and Steve), who finished second in the nine-team league with 33 wins.

The best averages for the league’s men were recorded by Carl Daniels (195), Steve McKnight (191), Mike Huser (185), David Robinson (184) and Joshua Jackson (171),

Daniels also bowled the top series (766), followed by Russell Truesdale (713), McKnight (681), Huser (659) and Jackson (653).

McKnight rolled the high game (278) with Daniels (277), Truesdale (269), Jackson (266) and Huser (258) next in order.

Tina Hisle compiled the best average for the league’s women, at 175, followed by Beverly Shearer (161), Genny Bryant (138), Gloria Tyler (129) and Barbara Brogle (128).

The best women’s series were bowled by Hisle (582), Shearer (543), Bryant (493), Pam Bennett (485) and Brogle (483).

Hisle also bowled the high game (235), followed by Shearer (194), Bryant (185), Tyler (175) and Bennett (172).

The most improved awards went to Steve McKnight for the men and Carolyn McKnight for the women.

Friday Night Mixed

The high games by league members were 265 by John Hickam and 258 by Ron Gugel. Gugel (688) and Neil Haggard (646) rolled the best series scores by league members.

A 600 series was also bowled by Hickam (633), Mark Rogers (633), Glenn Masters (624) and Lewis Jones Jr. (621).

Substitute Terry Jackson narrowly missed a 300 game as he opened his third game with 10 strikes. Unfortunately, he brushed his leg with the ball on his 11th roll and left the 3 pin and 6 pin. Jackson finished with a career-best 286 game and 657 series.

Beverly Shearer (224) and Lisa Ball (220) bowled the best women’s games, while the high series were 535 by Shearer and 534 by Narita Rose.

Splits were converted by Steve Woltering (5-7) and Russell Jones (4-7-10).

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