The Richmond Register

February 20, 2014

BOWLING: Cromer bowls first 300 game

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Gary Cromer bowled his career-first 300 game while substituting in the TGIF League last Friday. This is only the second 300 game of the 2013-14 season at Galaxy. Brandon Simpson rolled the other perfect game in October.

Four men bowled a 700 series in league action this week — Simpson (767), Cromer (743), Lewis Jones Jr. (728) and Ron Gugel (716).

The best women’s scores were a 601 series by Narita Rose and a 233 game by Susie King.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

John Hickam (276) and J.J. Reisig (261) bowled the high games on Monday, while the best series scores were 696 by Ron Gugel, 674 by Glenn Masters and 673 by Reisig.

A 600 series was also bowled by Steve Woltering (649), Lewis Jones Jr. (646), Steve Marionneax (645), Robby Bales (640), Barry Miller (631), Randy Burgess (624), Lynn Estes (617), John Hickam (616), Lucas Combs (613), Shawn Barton (612), Patrick Wells (607), Gary Holtzclaw (606), Ron Roberts (604), Mike Riley (603) and Aaron Rose (602).

A 500 series was bowled by three ladies — Regina Barton (575), Chris Collins (514) and Beverly Shearer (508).

Galaxy Girls

Susie King bowled a 233 game on Tuesday which ties her with Narita Rose for the high game for the season in this league. Rose rolled the second-best game for the night, at 223, and she bowled the night’s high series at 601.

Shella Cobb bowled the second-best series for the night (558), which included a 219 game. A 500 series was also rolled by Brenda Marcum (534), Linda Combs (533), Carole Bales (509) and sub Beverly Shearer (517).

The ladies converted nine splits at this session. Those who picked up splits included Cobb (5-6), Combs (2-7 and 6-7), Marcum (5-7 and 2-5-7), Velma Cruse (3-7), Rita Roberts (2-7) and Betty Lou Masters (3-4-7 and 5-10).


Gary Cromer followed up his high-scoring pattern in the city tournament by bowling his career-first 300 game while substituting in this league last Friday. His perfect game was part of a 743 series.

The best games by league members were 279 by Ron Roberts and 278 each by Lewis Jones Jr. and Todd Young.

Jones Jr. (728) and Ron Gugel (716) rolled the high series scores for league members.

A 600 series was bowled by Brandon Simpson (691), Roberts (684), Young (654), John Hickam (652), Glenn Masters (643), Steve Woltering (639), Ronald Richmond (629) and sub Mark Rogers (601).

The best women’s games were 212 by Sandy Reynolds and 211 by Novel Davis, while the high women’s series were 587 by Narita Rose and 533 by Reynolds.

A 500 series was also bowled by Davis (525), Sara Zuercher (514) and substitute Miranda Reffitt (537).

Wednesday Wonders

Lewis Jones Jr. led the members of this league last week with a 257 game and 684 series. Woody Arvin bowled the second-best game (246) and Bobby Abrams rolled the second-high series (627) for league members.

Substitute Brandon Simpson bowled a 267 game and 767 series.

A 600 series was also bowled by Mark Rogers (613), Carl Daniels (606), David Norman (600) and sub John Hickam (666).

Carolyn McKnight led the ladies with a 175 game and 460 series, followed by Renda Roberts at 164 and 402.

Classic Doubles

The high games last Thursday were 224 by Carl Daniels and 221 by Russell Truesdale, while the best series scores were 612 by David Robinson and 574 by Mike Huser.

Tina Hisle led the ladies with a 198 game and 538 series. Beverly Shearer bowled the second-best women’s game (177) and Denise Lakner rolled the second-high women’s series (471).

Splits were converted by Mary Taylor (3-10), Bobby Abrams (5-7) and William Taylor (4-5 twice).


The best scores Tuesday morning were a 528 series and 189 game by Bridget Settles and a 195 game and 461 series by Connie Bowlin.

Splits were converted by Bowlin (5-10), Joyce Kearns (3-10) and Billie Moberly (5-7). A 5-10 split was also picked up by Sandy Clark, Tina Hunter and Yolanda Fritz.

Early Birds

Beverly Shearer bowled the top game (157) and series (440) Wednesday morning. Karen Kensicki was second with a 155 game and 420 series.

Monday Fun League

Mac Bryan bowled the high game (243) and series (697) this week. The second-best game was 188 by Cyrus Moler, while the next-best series was 488 by Christopher Hart.

Christy Andrews led the league’s ladies with a 170 game and 447 series, followed by Jessica Bitnar at 148 and 398.

Patriot League

Ray White led this league with a 226 game last Thursday, followed by Lance Dickert at 218.

The best series scores were 556 by T. J. Tudor and 531 by Kevin Kazunas.

Bad Bowlers No-tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Kyle Shultz bowled the high game (233) and series (654) on Tuesday. Jeremy Pelfrey rolled the second-best men’s scores with a 181 game and 490 series

The best women’s scores were a 211 game and 487 series by April Brumfield and a 524 series and 178 game by Joanna Dickey.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Gary Cromer    300

Ron Roberts    279

Lewis Jones Jr.    278

Todd Young    278

John Hickam    276

Brandon Simpson    267

J.J. Reisig    261

Ron Gugel    259

Glenn Masters    258

Barry Miller    258

Lynn Estes    256

Mike Riley    248

Woody Arvin    246

Mac Bryan    243

Bobby Abrams    242

Steve Woltering    242

Sid Adams    239

Russell Truesdale    236

Ron Roberts    234

David Norman    232

Daniel Cordial    231

Steve Marionneaux    231

Robby Bales    228

Randy Burgess    228

Ray White    226

Carl Daniels    224

Shawn Barton    224

Terry Jackson    222

Bill Bowles    222

Ronald Richmond    220

Lewis Jones Sr.    219

Lucas Combs    218

Billy Richmond    218

Patrick Wells    215

David Robinson    213

Aaron Rose    213

Les Puckett    209

Mark Rogers    208

Gary Holtzclaw    206

Kenny Smith    206

Mike Huser    204

Chris Allgeier    204

Rick Stamper    203

Steve McKnight    202

Kevin Kazunas    201

Chris VanDall    201

J. R. Martin    201

Colin Green    200

Joe Bailey    200

Cody Dapkus    200

Women’s games

Susie King    233

Narita Rose    223

Shella Cobb    219

Regina Barton    214

Sandy Reynolds    212

Novel Davis    211

Miranda Reffitt    205

Chris Collins    200

Tina Hisle    198

Connie Bowlin    195

Brenda Marcum    194

Beverly Shearer    192

Bridget Settles    189

Tammy Fourre    188

Linda Combs    186

Carole Bales    183

Dawn Bydal    183

Sybil Fagan    182