The Richmond Register

March 26, 2013

BOWLING: Hickam, Simpson both hit 700 twice

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — John Hickam  (780 and 756) and Brandon Simpson (740 and 727) each bowled two 700 series last week at Galaxy. A 700 series was also bowled by Mark Rogers (741) and Tyler Morgan (700).

Hickam and David Norman tied for the high game of the week, at 278.

Regina Barton led the women for the week with a 236 game and 585 series in the Galaxy Classic League.

Last week’s league highlights

Galaxy Classic

Brandon Simpson (740) and Tyler Morgan (700) bowled the best series scores. The high games were 265 by Randy Burgess and 259 by Simpson.

Thirteen men bowled a 600 series, led by Spider Weaver (697), Burgess (682), Aaron Rose (682), Patrick Wells (679), Joe Reichel (666) and Brandon Lutes (652).

Ron Gugel (649), Mark Rogers (635), Ronnie Thomas (631), Terry Jackson (624), Lewis Jones Jr. (624), Shawn Barton (619) and David Norman (614) also reached the 600 series level.

Galaxy Girls

The high games for the members of this league were 202 by Velma Cruse and 200 by Narita Rose, while the best series scores were 522 by Amy Felty and 492 by Brenda Marcum.

Two substitutes turned in strong performances as Gail Campbell bowled a no-miss 208 game and 570 series and Beverly Shearer rolled a no-miss 197 game and 512 series.

Splits were converted by Campbell (5-7 and 3-10), Charlotte Hackworth (5-6-10), Felty (3-10), Bridget Settles (5-10), Ruby Jo Ward (3-10) and Donna Fourre (6-7).

Early Birds

This league completed its 2012-13 season on Wednesday morning.

The high games were 202 by Karen Kensicki and 201 by Gail Campbell. Campbell (533), Joyce Kearns (521) and Kensicki (507) bowled the best series scores.

Splits were picked up by Kearns (3-10), Beverly Brassfield (2-7) and Beverly Shearer (3-7).

The Outlaws (Carroll Hackworth, Gail Campbell and Beverly Brassfield) took the team title with 77 wins.

Pin Pals (Karen Kensick, Betty Allen and Patricia Harris) finished second with 74 wins, while third place went to Spare Change (Juanita Lunsford, Ruby Jo Ward and Mollie Morris) with 68 wins.

The best averages were compiled by Gail Campbell (171), Beverly Shearer (163), Karen Kensicki (159), Joyce Kearns (151) and Pat Harris (149).

The highest series were recorded by Campbell (598), Shearer (563), Harris (558), Kensicki (533) and Kearns (521).

Shearer bowled the highest game (236), followed by Campbell (233), Genny Bryant (218), Kensicki (204) and Harris (204).

Most improved honors were earned by Mary Helzer.


Bridget Settles bowled the top game (204) and series (516), followed by Becky Fraser (191) and (475).

Splits were converted by Janell Williams (5-7), Connie Bowlin (5-7), Merle Motley (2-6), Fannie Rice (3-10) and Betty Morris (3-10).

Wednesday Wonders

David Norman bowled the top scores for league members with a 278 game and 694 series. Russell Jones rolled the second-best game (247) and Lewis Jones Jr. the second-high series (668). Terry Jackson rolled a 607 series.

Substitute John Hickam rolled a 276 game and 780 series and sub Brandon Simpson bowled a 269 game and 727 series. This was Simpson’s fifth 700 series in 10 days.

The best women’s games were 190 by Teresa Jackson and 163 by JoAnn Smith, while the high series were 427 by Patricia Holtzclaw and 424 by Kymmi Bowles.

Classic Doubles

The top game (224) and series (633) were bowled by Steve McKnight, while the second-best game was 213 by Mike Huser and the second-high series was 553 by Carl Daniels.

Tina Hisle led the women in the league with a 212 game and 546 series, followed by Carolyn McKnight (171) and (433).

Friday Night Mixed

John Hickam (756) and Mark Rogers (741) bowled the high series scores. A 600 series was rolled by Lewis Jones Jr. (687), Bill Bowles (684), Ron Gugel (664), Neil Haggard (661), Ronald Richmond (654) and Steve Woltering (627).

The best games were 278 by Hickam and 268 by Rogers.

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 211 game and 566 series, followed by Novel Davis, at 187 and 490.

Julia Landreth picked up a 3-6-7-10 split and Wanda Cole converted a 2-7 and a 3-7-10 split.


The top games were bowled by Tim Wells (257) and Merle Meade (214), while the best series were 586 by Meade and 584 by Wells.

Pat Harris (185) and Sandy Reynolds (183) rolled the high women’s games, while the best women’s series were 534 by Reynolds and 491 by Sara Zuercher.

Splits were converted by Tim Wells (3-10), Margaret Tilsley (5-7), Chris VanDall (3-10), Becky Wells (4-8-10) and Helen McKnight (5-10).

Cash Money

J.J. Reisig bowled the high series (561) and second-best game (193) for league members. Vince Townsend rolled the top game (194) and Sam Spangler the second-high series (550).

Substitute J.J. Tudor bowled a 206 game and 559 series.

The best women’s games were 166 by Debra Robertson and 163 by Jessica Bitnar, while the high series were 367 by Mary Mink and 359 by Robertson.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer set a new series high for the season with an 829 total, which included the high game of 287.

Steve Dickey bowled the next-best scores with a 662 series and 277 game. Ed Maggard (623) and Adam Cromer (621) also rolled a 600 series.

Joanna Dickey set a new women’s series high, at 605. The second-best women’s series was 583 by April Brumfield.

The best women’s games were 233 by Brumfield and 222 by Pat Taulbee.

Splits were converted by April Brumfield (3-10), Don Brumfield (3-10) and Dean Acker (6-7).

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

David Norman    278

John Hickam    278

Brandon Simpson    269

Mark Rogers    268

Randy Burgess    265

Bill Bowles    259

Tyler Morgan    258

Tim Wells    257

Spider Weaver    254

Craig Richmond    254

Aaron Rose    248

Lewis Jones Jr.    247

Ronnie Thomas    246

Carl Daniels    245

Joe Reichel    244

Steve Woltering    244

Terry Jackson    243

Brandon Lutes    242

Patrick Wells    238

Ron Gugel    237

Gary Cromer    235

Ronald Richmond    234

Bobby Abrams    230

Lewis Jones Sr.    227

Peanut Johnson    226

Mark Daly    225

Neil Haggard    225

Bruce Watson    224

Steve McKnight    224

Mike Riley    223

Russell Jones    222

Shawn Barton    219

Merle Meade    214

Warren Martin    213

Mike Huser    213

Lynn Estes    207

T. J. Tudor    206

Chris VanDall    205

Jim Holt    204

Tim Lainhart    204

Ron Roberts    202

Donnie Barger    202

Billy McGuire    201

Daniel Benge    200

Women’s games

Regina Barton    236

Tina Hisle    212

Narita Rose    211

Bridget Settles    204

Velma Cruse    202

Beverly Shearer    197

Becky Fraser    191

Teresa Jackson    190

Novel Davis    187

Amy Felty    185

Pat Harris    185

Mary Marcum    183

Andi Daly    182

Beverly Aleshire    182

Janie Secchi    182

Kymmi Bowles    180