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April 16, 2013

GLENMORE: Dinner with the stars at Augusta

RICHMOND — Last Tuesday, Carolyn and I left Richmond late in the afternoon and headed for Augusta, Ga., for the annual Golf Writers Association of America’s Awards Dinner.

We got as far as Sweetwater, Tenn. before we ran out of gas and crashed for the night.

The next morning we got up early and headed for Madison, Ga., where we had reserved a room at Quality Inn at double their normal rate as it was Masters week.


We changed into our “Sunday Go To Meeting Clothes” and drove the remaining 90 miles to beautiful Savannah Rapids Pavilion outside Augusta where the dinner is always held.

We were enjoying a cocktail on the patio overlooking the beautiful river when Carolyn spotted my friend Joe Hallett, who was accompanied by the vibrant No. 1 woman golfer in the world, Stacy Lewis.

Joe has been her coach since late in 2009 and among other swing changes she has gained 25 yards in driving distance plus better control since working with Joe.  

When Joe saw us coming he rushed over and gave us a big bear hug.

Wow! That hug meant so much to me, it was worth the trip to Georgia.

Carolyn and I had a very interesting conversation with Joe and Stacy for about 10 minutes. I was impressed with what a wonderful, down-to-earth, person Stacy Lewis is. She has overcome many physical problems with her back to grit it out and become number one in the world.

You da Lady!

Tim Rosaforte, a Golf World writer, was the Master of Ceremonies. The awards given out were:  Rory McIlroy — Male Player of the Year; Stacy Lewis — Female Player of the Year; K. J. Choi — Charlie Bartlett Award; David Meador — Ben Hogan Award and Laura Davies — The Jim Murray Award.

There were many writing awards given to the great writers in all the popular magazines.

It was wonderful to listen to all these great golfers and writers make their acceptance speeches. It was also enjoyable to mingle with them on the patio during cocktail hour and converse with them.

I was really impressed with Tim Rosaforte. He was not only the MC but also came around to our table and many others and shook hands with everyone.

What a nice person!

Carolyn and I really enjoyed our tiring, quick, trip to this event but it was well worth our effort. It will be in our memory bank forever and makes my cup runneth over once again.


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