The Richmond Register

June 27, 2013

BOWLING: Jones Sr. wins seniors tournament

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Lewis Jones Sr. was the winner of the monthly seniors tournament on Sunday. Jones Sr. rolled a three-game handicapped score of 685 to take the $45 first-place prize money.

Gary Holtzclaw earned $27 with his second-place handicapped score of 677, while the third-place money of $18 went to Carl Daniels with a 675 score.

Pat Holtzclaw and Pam Bennett fell just short of qualifying for cash awards with handicapped scores of 669 and 667, respectively.

Daniels rolled the best scratch scores with a 245 game and 609 series. A 200-level scratch game was also bowled by Jones Sr. (203) and Steve McKnight (200).

Jones Sr. (595), McKnight (558) and Gary Holtzclaw (557) bowled the next-best scratch series for the day.

The next monthly seniors tournament is planned for Sunday, July 21st, at 2 p.m.

League Highlights

Monday Mixed

Aaron Rose led this league with a 265 game and 707 series. Matt Cracraft also bowled a 265 game, which was part of the second-best series for the night at 687.

A 600 series was also bowled by Bill Bowles (684), Mark Rogers (677), Brandon Simpson (666), Andrew Magedanz (651), John Hickam (639), Glenn Masters (627), Steve Woltering (619) and Tyler Magedanz (607).

The best women’s games were bowled by Kymmi Bowles (214), Miranda Reffitt (211) and Beverly Shearer (203), while the high women’s series were rolled by Reffitt (593), Bowles (525) and Shearer (510).

Paul Crowe converted a 4-9 split.

Friday Doubles

John Hickam bowled the high game (268) and series (676) last Friday.

Todd Young rolled the second-best series (616) and he tied Kyle Shultz for the second-high game at 225.

The high women’s game (159) and series (397) were bowled by Beth Smith.

Summer Cash Money

Ollie Gasser led this league with a 225 game and 638 series. Tyler Harris bowled the second-best game (222) and Steve McKnight rolled the second-highest series (578).

Tuesday No-Tap Doubles

Nine pins down with first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Beverly Shearer bowled the top game for the night with her second no-tap 300 game of the season. She also bowled the top women’s series (674).

Kymmi Bowles rolled the second-best women’s game (242) and Tina Hisle bowled the second-high women’s series (647).

Three men — Ron Roberts (781), Gary Cromer (747) and Bill Bowles (717) — bowled a 700 series.

The best men’s games were 285 by Bowles, 278 by Cromer and 277 by John Hickam.

A 600 series was also bowled by Donnie Barger (698), Carl Daniels (693), Hickam (689), Russell Truesdale (640), Gary Holtzclaw (626), Novel Davis (620), Lynn Estes (619), Kyle Shultz (614) and Narita Rose (606).

Milestones in bowling history

Several milestones in the development of the sport of bowling occurred in the decade of the 1960s.

Bowling’s first prime-time television program was “Jackpot Bowling” hosted by Milton Berle on Friday nights in 1961. Two contestants bowled nine balls each and the person who rolled the most strikes won $1,000.

A person who rolled six consecutive strikes won a jackpot which started at $5,000 and increased each week that it was not won.

A man named Therm Gibson rolled six consecutive strikes to win the highest jackpot of $75,000. He made more money in a few minutes than Mickey Mantle made for the whole season with the Yankees that year.

The ABC television network began weekly 90-minute broadcasts of the final matches at 13 Professional Bowlers Association tournaments in 1962. The PBA Tour became Saturday afternoon “must see” TV for three decades. Chris Schenkel, Billy Welu and Don Carter were the hosts for the programs.

In 1963, bowler Don Carter became the first athlete to sign a one million dollar contract. He was paid $100,000 per year for 10 years.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    268

Aaron Rose    265

Matt Cracraft    265

Bill Bowles    259

Andrew Magedanz    256

Mark Rogers    250

Carl Daniels    245

Tyler Magedanz    234

Todd Young    232

Brandon Simpson    229

Kyle Shultz    225

Todd Young    225

Steve Woltering    225

Ollie Gasser    225

Glenn Masters    224

Lewis Jones Jr.    224

Paul Crowe    222

Tyler Harris    222

Bobby Abrams    221

Steve McKnight    221

Kenny Smith    221

Zach Niekirk    216

Neil Haggard    213

Terry Jackson    213

Gary Cromer    212

Mike E. Bryant    208

Lewis Jones Sr.    203

Russell Jones    203

Donald Spivey    202

Nate Rosenbaurer    200

Women’s games

Kymmi Bowles    214

Miranda Reffitt    211

Beverly Shearer    203