The Richmond Register

February 11, 2013

H.S. SWIMMING: Local swimmers qualify for State championships

By Bob Flynn
Register Sports Writer

RICHMOND — Swimmers from all four local swim teams had strong showings at the Region 5 Swim Championships over the weekend in Barbourville.

Two Madison Central swimmers led the way, bringing home regional titles during the competition.

Morgan Lakes won both the 500 Free and the 200 IM, while Chase Baldwin claimed first place in the 100 Back.

The wins earned the two automatic berths in the state championships that take place Feb. 22 and 23 at the University of Louisville.

The top two in each event earn automatic berths, while the next 10 times in each event are considered for at-large entries in the state meet.

The 22 fastest times from among the at-large entries from all regions also qualify for the state meet.

Preliminary heats for each event were held on Friday. The top eight finishers in each event moved on to the championship finals held on Saturday, while the swimmers who finished in spots 9-16 swam in the consolation finals on Saturday.

Local results from Saturday’s Championship finals were:

Girls 100 Free

Central — Caroline Smith; 3rd

Central — Molly Ford; 4th

Girls 500 Free

Central — Morgan Lakes; 1st

Central — Tilly Baldwin; 4th

Boys 500 Free

Model — James Schwartz; 6th

Central — Trent Lakes; 7th

Girls 100 Back

Central — Abigail Thompson; 3rd

Boys 100 Back

Central — Chase Baldwin; 1st

Model — Sam Shepherd; 8th

Girls 200 Free

Central — Caroline Smith; 2nd

Girls 200 IM

Central — Morgan Lakes; 1st

Boys 200 IM

Central — Chase Baldwin; 2nd

Girls 50 Free

Central — Molly Ford; 3rd

Boys 100 Fly

Model — James Schwartz; 8th

Boys 100 Breast

Central — John Eipert; 8th

Girls 200 Free Relay

Central — 2nd — 1:43.76

Caroline Smith, Abigail Thompson, Madeline Meeker, Mollly Ford

Boys 200 Free Relay

Model — 3rd — 1:33.55

Jack Miller, Sam Shepherd, Devin Dirks, Jonas Welsing

Girls 200 Medley Relay

Central — 5th — 1:56.36

Abigail Thompson, Morgan Lakes, Tilly Baldwin, Molly Ford

Boys 200 Medley Relay

Model — 8th — 1:48.87

Sam Shepherd, James Schwartz, Parker Jackson, Devin Dirks

Girls 400 Free Relay

Central — 4th — 3:48.61

Morgan Lakes, Tilly Baldwin, Madeline Meeker, Caroline Smith

Model — 6th — 4:09.85

Lauren Shepherd, Lillie Deprez, Maddy Nasrallah, Christina Schwartz

Boys 400 Free Relay

Model — 5th — 3:29.85

Parker Jackson, Jack MIller, James Schwartz, Jonas Welsing

Local results from Saturday’s Consolation Finals were:

Girls 200 Free

Central — Tilly Baldwin; 10th

Boys 200 Free

Model — Parker Jackson; 10th

Model — Cameron Sidor; 14th

Girls 200 IM

Central — Madeline Meeker; 9th

Boys 200 IM

Southern — John Eipert; 15th

Model — Logan Jackson; 16th

Boys 50 Free

Model — Jonas Welsing; 10th

Model — Jack Miller; 11th

Model — Devin Dirks; 16th

Girls 100 Fly

Model — Lauren Shepherd; 11th

Central —Abigail Thompson; 15th

Boys 100 Fly

Model — Devin Dirks; 14th

Boys 100 Free

Model — Jonas Welsing; 14th

Girls 500 Free

Model — Christina Schwartz; 12th

Boys 500 Free

Model — Cameron Sidor; 10th

Model — Logan Jackson; 15th

Girls 100 Back

Model — Lauren Shepherd; 11th

Boys 100 Back

Central — Trent Lakes; 14th

Model — Cody Stroschein; 16th

Girls 100 Breast

Central — Madeline Meeker; 11th

Boys 100 Breast

Model — Kody Stroschein; 12th

Berea — Taylor Justice; 13th

Girls 200 Medley Relay

Model — 10th — 2:03.31

Lillie Deprez, Lauren Shepherd, Miriam Cahill, Maddy Nasrallah

Southern — 14th — 2:21.81

Savannah Cooper, Ally Bowling, Jordan Powell, Anna Farley

Berea — 15th — 2:25.39

Chloe Atwater, Michelle Mecham, Abi Woodie, Elizabeth Tapley

Boys 200 Medley Relay

Central — 12th — 2:01.09

Trent Lakes, Blake Brockman,  Chase Baldwin, Chandler Payne

Southern — 13th — 2:08.00

Patrick Coyle, Matthew Devere

John Eipert, Ty Ritchie

Berea — 14th — 2:08.84

Joseph Mecham, Taylor Justice Brandon Turner, Will Spencer

Girls 200 Free Relay

Model — 12th — 2:02.73

Christina Schwartz, Lexi Nasrallah, Jaqueline Brochu, Kate Walters

Berea — 16th — 2:06.71

Elizabeth Tapley, Virginia Deaver, Abi Woodie, Chloe Atwater

Boys 200 Free Relay

Berea — 13th — 1:48.67

Joseph Mecham, Will Spencer, Tim Jenkins, Taylor Justice

Girls 400 Free Relay

Southern — 9th — 4:37.56

Ally Bowling, Savanna Cooper, Kyla Owens, Megan Frontz

Berea — 12th — 4:43.76

Elizabeth Tapley, Abi Woodie, Virginia Deaver, Chloe Atwater

Boys 400 Free Relay

Central — 10th — 3:59.16

Trent Lakes, Blake Brockman, Chandler Payne, Chase Baldwin

Southern — 15th — 4:32.36

Matthew Devere, Tyler Parker, Patrick Coyle, John Eipert

Overal team standings for the regional meet were:


Central 4th; 251 points

Model 10th; 67 points

Southern 15th; 24 points

Berea 17th; 16 points


Model 6th; 161 points

Central 10th; 76 points

Southern 15th; 27 points

Berea 16th; 18 points