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January 14, 2013

BOWLING: Hickam leads the way at Galaxy again

RICHMOND — John Hickam bowled the top scores at Galaxy last week with a 289 game and 763 series.

Three other men — Brandon Lutes, Joe Reichel and Brandon Simpson — also bowled a 700 series. Details are included in the league highlights.

Narita Rose rolled the best women’s scores for the week with a 225 game and 616 series.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

The members of this league quickly shook off any rust which may have accumulated during the holiday break.

There were three 700 series and 14 600 series bowled as this league opened the second half of its split season last Monday. There were also nine games better than 250.

The 700 series were bowled by Brandon Lutes (749), Joe Reichel (728) and Brandon Simpson (716).

Lutes, Simpson and Mike E. Bryant tied for the high game for the night at 279, with Reichel close behind at 278.

A 600 series was bowled by Bryant (685), Shawn Barton (685), Bill Bowles (676), John Hickam (664), Bruce Watson (654), Daniel Benge (647) and Mark Rogers (646).

Also reaching the 600 series level were Ronnie Thomas (641), Gary Cromer (633), Barry Miller (608), Todd Young (608), Ron Gugel (608), Regina Barton (604) and Matthew Wieczorek (603).

Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose set a new series high for this league with a 616 score last Tuesday night. Her series included the high game for the night — 225.

Bridget Settles was second in both measures with a 544 series and 201 game. Tammy Fourre bowled a 507 series.

Several women converted splits at this session including Settles (2-7), Linda Bowles (3-10), Faye Willis (2-7) and Teresa Wilson (3-7-10).

Multiple splits were converted by Emma Lee Tate (4-5-7 and 3-10), Sherry Ernst (5-7 and 3-7) and Beverly Aleshire ( 5-6-10, 5-7 and 3-5-10).


This league opened the second half of its split season last Tuesday morning.

Jan Barnes (179) and Janie Ohr (178) bowled the top games for the day, while the best series scores were 454 by Bridget Settles and 452 by Ohr.

Splits were converted by Brenda Underwood (5-10), Emma Reams (7-9) and Janell Williams (5-7 and 3-7-10).

Early Birds

Joyce Kearns bowled the top game (168) and series (488) in this league last Wednesday morning.

Juanita Lunsford and Beverly Shearer tied for the second-best game at 166, and Gail Campbell rolled the second-high series (475).

Campbell converted a 3-6-7-10 split.

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