The Richmond Register

January 14, 2013

BOWLING: Hickam leads the way at Galaxy again

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — John Hickam bowled the top scores at Galaxy last week with a 289 game and 763 series.

Three other men — Brandon Lutes, Joe Reichel and Brandon Simpson — also bowled a 700 series. Details are included in the league highlights.

Narita Rose rolled the best women’s scores for the week with a 225 game and 616 series.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

The members of this league quickly shook off any rust which may have accumulated during the holiday break.

There were three 700 series and 14 600 series bowled as this league opened the second half of its split season last Monday. There were also nine games better than 250.

The 700 series were bowled by Brandon Lutes (749), Joe Reichel (728) and Brandon Simpson (716).

Lutes, Simpson and Mike E. Bryant tied for the high game for the night at 279, with Reichel close behind at 278.

A 600 series was bowled by Bryant (685), Shawn Barton (685), Bill Bowles (676), John Hickam (664), Bruce Watson (654), Daniel Benge (647) and Mark Rogers (646).

Also reaching the 600 series level were Ronnie Thomas (641), Gary Cromer (633), Barry Miller (608), Todd Young (608), Ron Gugel (608), Regina Barton (604) and Matthew Wieczorek (603).

Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose set a new series high for this league with a 616 score last Tuesday night. Her series included the high game for the night — 225.

Bridget Settles was second in both measures with a 544 series and 201 game. Tammy Fourre bowled a 507 series.

Several women converted splits at this session including Settles (2-7), Linda Bowles (3-10), Faye Willis (2-7) and Teresa Wilson (3-7-10).

Multiple splits were converted by Emma Lee Tate (4-5-7 and 3-10), Sherry Ernst (5-7 and 3-7) and Beverly Aleshire ( 5-6-10, 5-7 and 3-5-10).


This league opened the second half of its split season last Tuesday morning.

Jan Barnes (179) and Janie Ohr (178) bowled the top games for the day, while the best series scores were 454 by Bridget Settles and 452 by Ohr.

Splits were converted by Brenda Underwood (5-10), Emma Reams (7-9) and Janell Williams (5-7 and 3-7-10).

Early Birds

Joyce Kearns bowled the top game (168) and series (488) in this league last Wednesday morning.

Juanita Lunsford and Beverly Shearer tied for the second-best game at 166, and Gail Campbell rolled the second-high series (475).

Campbell converted a 3-6-7-10 split.

Wednesday Wonders

This league opened the second half of its split season last week.

 There were five 600 series bowled on the opening night of the second half. Bill Bowles rolled the top series at 675, followed by Lewis Jones Sr. (653), David Norman (650), Mark Rogers (626) and Lewis Jones Jr. (614).

Norman (246) and Bowles (244) bowled the high games for the night.

Pat Holtzclaw led the league’s ladies with a 185 game and 511 series. Teresa Jackson bowled the second-best women’s game (161) and Jenny Norman the second-high women’s series (441).

Classic Doubles

Steve McKnight set new highs for this league with a 278 game and 681 series last Thursday.

Mike Huser rolled the second-best scores with a 258 game and 659 series.

Tina Hisle led the women in the league with a 190 game and 554 series, followed by Genny Bryant at 185 and 493.

Friday Night Mixed

John Hickam bowled the high series (763) and game in this league last week. He opened his third game with a spare and followed with 10 strikes, but he left the six pin with his last ball to finish with a score of 289. Both his series score and game score were the highest rolled at Galaxy last week.

Lewis Jones Jr. bowled the second-best game (254) and Ron Gugel rolled the second-high series (677).

A 600 series was also bowled by Ronald Richmond (667), Jones Jr. (638), Mark Rogers (633), Bill Bowles (618) and Steve Woltering (610). Substitute Terry Jackson rolled a career-best 650 series.

The best women’s games were 225 by Narita Rose and 194 by Beverly Shearer. Shearer (548), Novel Davis (530) and Rose (522) rolled the top women’s series.

Kymmi Bowles converted a 4-7-10 split.


Ollie Gasser bowled the top game (224) and series (605) in this league last week. Tim Wells was next in each category with a 208 game and 595 series.

The high women’s game (200) and series (548) were bowled by Sara Zuercher, while her mother, Sandy Reynolds, was next in both measures with a 194 game and 511 series.

Splits were converted by Fred Tilsley (3-10), Helen McKnight (5-6), Margaret Tilsley (3-10), Howard Mayfield (6-7 and 3-10) and Jamie Sowder (4-5 and 9-10).

Cash Money

Ronnie Norris Sr. rolled the top game (234) and series (570) as this league opened a new season last Monday.

Steve McKnight bowled the second-best game (221) and Ronnie Norris Jr. rolled the second-high series (545).

Mary Mink led the league’s ladies with a 145 game and 404 series, followed by Beth Voorhees at 140 and 344.

Madison Central-Montgomery Co.

The Madison Central bowling teams held a match with Montgomery County at Galaxy last Wednesday.

 The Central boys captured two of a possible seven points from the defending regional champions. The Central girls managed to win one point.

The teams compete for four points in regular bowling, two points in Baker style bowling, in which five team members alternate bowling a frame, and one point for total pins.

 Sixth-grader Daelyn White led the Central boys with games of 212 and 190. Elijah Vaughn rolled the second-best game at 183.

 The top games for the Central girls were 165 by Debborah Harrison and 131 by Elizabeth Rodgers.

Redemption for Tom Daughtery

 Tom Daughtery received unwelcome notoriety by bowling a score of 100 in the Tournament of Champions last season. This is the lowest score ever bowled by a professional bowler on a TV show.

 Daughtery qualified for the finals of the PBA Scorpion pattern championship last week, and he worked his way through the stepladder format to win the championship by beating Jason Stern 199-177, Jason Belmonte 256-187 and Osku Palermaa 200-182.

 Ironically, Palermaa was the opponent when Daughtery rolled his 100 game. Palermaa just missed perfection that day with a 299 score.

This was the first professional tourney win for Daughtery, and means he is no longer known only as the man who bowled 100 on TV, but also as a tournament champion.

Bowlers/golfers offered bargain rate to join Berea Country Club

Bowlers, who are also golfers, are invited to join the Berea Country Club at a greatly reduced rate between now and Feb. 28.

Bowlers, and others, can get a one-year membership for $300 during this period. This is less than one-half the usual cost.

Individuals who have been a member of BCC during the past five years are not eligible for this special rate.

Call Peanut Johnson at 859-248-8404 for further information.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    289

Brandon Simpson    279

Mike E. Bryant    279

Brandon Lutes    279

Joe Reichel    278

Steve McKnight    278

Gary Cromer    267

Shawn Barton    259

Mike Huser    258

Scott Kaylor    258

Bill Bowles    257

Bruce Watson    257

Lewis Jones Jr.    254

David Norman    246

Barry Miller    245

Neil Haggard    245

Randy Burgess    242

Ron Gugel    236

Ronald Richmond    236

Mark Rogers    236

Daniel Benge    234

Ronnie Norris Sr.    234

Bobby Abrams    233

Todd Young    230

Terry Jackson    228

Lewis Jones Sr.    227

Ronnie Thomas    225

Ollie Gasser    224

Robbie Richmond    223

Steve Woltering    223

Craig Richmond    220

Mark Paier    214

Matthew Wieczorek    213

Gary Kerns    212

Glenn Masters    212

Ronnie Norris Jr.    212

Anthony Taulbee    211

Donnie Barger    210

Kenny Smith    209

Tim Wells    208

Spider Weaver    207

Aaron Rose    206

Peanut Johnson    204

Dallas Thomas    204

Carl Daniels    203

J. J. Reisig    203

Corey Miller    202

Mike Riley    201

Ron Roberts    201

Russell Jones    201

Women’s games

Narita Rose    225

Regina Barton    211

Bridget Settles    201

Sara Zeurcher    200

Tammy Fourre    195

Beverly Shearer    194

Sandy Reynolds    194

Andi Daly    193

Janie Secchi    190

Michelle Ratliff    190

Tina Hisle    190

Tracy Gugel    187

Sue Hegelmeyer    186

Pat Holtzclaw    185

Genny Bryant    185

Novel Davis    182

Donna Fourre    181

Pauline Denny    181