The Richmond Register

July 10, 2013

BOWLING: League titles up for grabs

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — There are close races for the titles in the three summer leagues, which will complete their seasons this month. Details are described in the league highlights.

League Highlights

Monday Mixed

Zach Niekirk (699) and Andrew Magedanz (667) bowled the high series scores in the league this week. They also rolled the best games — 269 by Magedanz and 255 by Niekirk.

A 600 series was also bowled by Neil Haggard (646), John Hickam (623), Matt Cracraft (623), Brandon Simpson (621), Glenn Masters (619), Aaron Rose (614) and Lewis Jones, Jr. (603).

Miranda Reffitt led the league’s ladies with a 185 game and 526 series, followed by Narita Rose at 163 and 444.

The Pittsnogglers (Zach Niekirk, Matt Cracraft and Tyler and

Andrew Magedanz) have moved into first place with two weeks remaining in the league’s season.

Git-R-Done (Terry Jackson, John Rice, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) is one game behind the leaders while Hammer Time (Todd Young, Nate Rosenbauer, Gary Cromer and Carl Daniels) is currently three games behind the first-place team.

Summer Cash Money

J.J. Reisig and Russell Truesdale bowled the best scores in this league on Monday.

Reisig rolled the high series (609) and second-best game (217), while Truesdale recorded the high game (242) and second-highest series (566).

Tuesday No-tap Doubles

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Bill Bowles led the members of this league with a no-tap 300 game and he rolled the second-best series (765). Bowles is the fifth member of the league to roll a 300 game this summer.

Ron Roberts rolled the highest series (829) and the second-best game (287) for league members.

Substitute Randy Burgess bowled a no-tap 300 game which was part of a 783 series.

A 700 series was also bowled by Todd Young (721), Gary Cromer (721) and Carl Daniels (703).

Tina Hisle bowled the best women’s series (723) and the second-best women’s game (251).

The high women’s game was 252 by Narita Rose, while Beverly Shearer bowled the second-best women’s series at 663.

A 600 series was also rolled by Lynn Estes (689), Bobby Abrams (640), Rose (630), Jim Hisle (627), Don Brumfield (619) and Donna Fourre (610).

With three weeks remaining in the season, It Doesn’t Matter (Narita Rose and John Hickam) and MM & RR (Mary Mink and

Ron Roberts) are tied for first place with 38 wins each.

Hammer Time (Todd Young and Gary Cromer) and Low Rollers (Kymmi and Bill Bowles) are tied for third place with 37 wins each.

Friday Doubles

This league did not bowl last week because of the Independence Day holiday.

Blue Xpress (Charlie Glodt and Colin Green) holds a one-game lead over Young Gunz (Todd Young and John Hickam) with three weeks remaining in the summer season.

Seniors Tournament

The next monthly seniors tournament is set for Sunday, July 21, at 2 p.m. This tourney is open to all men and women ages 50 or above.

The entry fee is $15 to bowl three games. Cash prizes will be awarded.

Bluegrass State Games

The bowling competition for the 2013 Bluegrass State Games is scheduled for July 27 and 28 at the Eastland Lanes in Lexington.

There will be sanctioned and open events for six age groups ranging from 8-years-old and younger to 55-years and older.

The four bowlers with the highest scores after three games in each age group will advance to the medal round and compete for gold, silver and bronze medals.

Details and registration forms are available at

2013 USBC Women’s Championships

The 2013 USBC Women’s Championship tournament completed its 81-day run on July 1 in Reno, Nev.. More than 20,000 women participated in the tourney.

Rocio Restropo from Canton, Oh. rolled the only 300 game of the tournament and that score helped her win the all-events scratch title with a 2,274 total. The all-events total includes the bowler’s score in the singles, doubles and team competition.

Chris Manier from Vista, California just missed perfection with the only 299 game in the tournament.

Mini Tvaska, age 95, from St. Petersburg, Fl. bowled in the Women’s Championship tournament for a record 67th consecutive year.

The Women’s Championships are slated to return to Reno again in 2014 and 2015.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

Andrew Magedanz    269

Zach Niekirk    255

Brandon Simpson    248

Russell Truesdale    242

Glenn Masters    236

Mark Rogers    234

Neil Haggard    233

Matt Cracraft    233

John Hickam    232

Tyler Magedanz    222

Lewis Jones Jr.    221

Terry Jackson    220

J. J. Reisig    217

Aaron Rose    216

Gary Cromer    215

Mike Bryant    214

Bill Bowles    204

Ray White    200

Women’s games

Miranda Reffitt    185