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May 24, 2013

BOWLING: Shearer wins seniors tourney

RICHMOND — Fifteen bowlers took to the lanes for the second monthly seniors tournament on May 19.

Beverly Shearer finished on top with a handicapped score of 753 for three games, which earned her the first place prize of $57.

Mike Huser and Skip Cowell tied for second with scores of 726 and earned $28 each.

Huser (633) and Shearer (606) bowled a scratch 600 series.

A 200-level scratch game was bowled by Huser (259), Steve McKnight (253), Lewis Jones Sr. (222), Gary Holtzclaw (216), Shearer (212), Cowell (205) and Carl Daniels (201).

The next monthly seniors tournament is scheduled for Sunday, June 23, at 2 p.m.

League highlights

Brandon Simpson bowled the high scores for the week at Galaxy with a 279 game and 760 series in the Monday Mixed League.

Beverly Shearer rolled the best women’s scores with a 193 game and 499 series in the same league.

Friday Doubles

John Hickam and Kenny Smith bowled the top scores in this league last week. Hickam rolled a 246 game and 625 series and Smith bowled a 230 game and 629 series.

Carolyn McKnight led the women in the league with a 182 game and 451 series, followed by Beth Smith at 117 and 357.

Monday Mixed

There were several high scores bowled in this league this week.

Three men — Brandon Simpson (760), Lewis Jones Jr. (726) and John Hickam (714) — bowled a 700 series. These three continue to add to the impressive number of 700 series they have rolled this season as this week’s 700 series was the 22nd for Simpson, the 19th for Hickam and the ninth for Jones Jr.

The high games for the night were 279 by Simpson, 277 by Matt Cracraft and 264 by Jones Jr.

A 600 series was bowled by Andrew Magedanz (690), Aaron

Rose (666), Bill Bowles (674), Neil Haggard (648), Mark Rogers (630), John Rice (630), David Norman (619) and Carl Daniels (607).

Beverly Shearer rolled the best women’s scores with a 193 game and 499 series, followed by Narita Rose at 187 and 479.

Cash Money

This league completed its spring season on Monday.

The first-place Champion’s team (Jonathan Sowder, Steve Dalton, Steve Marioneaux and J.J. Reisig) needed to win one game on the final night from the second-place team — Underachievers (Levi Burns, Les Puckett, Vince Townsend, Lance Dickert and sub T. J. Tudor) — to claim the league title.

The Underachievers won the first game 867-777, but Champion’s, led by games of 199 by Reisig 190 by Dalton, won the second game 853-754 to clinch the league title.Champion’s went on to win the match 3-1 and collect the $1,000 first-place prize money.

Hens & Roosters (Debra Robertson, Chris Britton and Carolyn and Steve McKnight) finished in third place in this six-team non-sanctioned league.

The best scores for the league members for the night were Reising’s 199 game and 543 series and a 193 game and 562 series by Jim Collins.

Substitute T. J. Tudor bowled a 201 game and 555 series.

Carolyn McKnight led the league’s ladies with a 150 game and 418 series, followed by Debra Robertson at 142 and 388.

Steve McKnight took the men’s “triple crown” for the season with a 182 average, 676 series and 278 game.

The next-best averages were achieved by J. J. Reisig (179), Ronnie Norris Sr. (173), Sam Spangler (172) and Steve Marionneaux (168).

The next-best series scores were bowled by Ronnie Norris Jr. (637), Norris Sr. (628), Reisig (605) and Sam Spangler (589).

The best games after McKnight were 253 by Norris Sr., 237 by Lance Dickert, 228 by Norris Jr., 226 by Reisig and 226 by Spangler.

Mary Mink (122), Carolyn McKnight (121), Debra Robertson (119), Beth Voorhees (112) and Janet Bird (100) compiled the best women’s averages.

The best women’s series were bowled by McKnight (464), Mink (446), Rosemary Marionneaux (410) Voorhees (399) and Robertson (398).

Mink rolled the highest women’s game (219), followed by McKnight (179), Robertson (166), Voorhees (166) and Marionneaux (158).

Most improved honors went to Levi Burns for the men and Carolyn McKnight for the women.

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