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December 19, 2013

BOWLING: MCBA’s Christmas Tourney a success

Register Staff Report

RICHMOND — Thirty-nine bowlers took to the lanes on Sunday in the Madison County Bowling Association’s annual Christmas tournament.

This tourney used the no-tap format in which nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike.

Mark Rogers, with a score of 840 for three games, and Lynn Estes ,with an 832 score, placed first and second for the men. Narita Rose (784) and Gail Campbell (692) bowled the highest women’s scores. The first-place man and woman each won $25, while those finishing second earned $15 each.

Brandon Simpson rolled two no-tap 300 games, while Rogers and John Hickam each reached “perfection” once.

A ticket was awarded for each strike bowled. At the conclusion of the bowling, 12 tickets were drawn and the lucky ticket holders chose an unmarked envelope containing from $10 to $50.

Winning tickets were drawn for Terry Jackson, Brandon Simpson, Todd Young, Steve Davis, Carl Daniels, Kenny Smith, Pat Holtzclaw, Beverly Shearer, Charles Glodt, Gary Kerns, Chris Gregory and Josh Jackson — who picked the $50 envelope.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Custom Designs (Chris Collins, J. R. Martin and Regina and Shawn Barton) held a one-game lead over Get-R-Done (Terry Jackson, Mark Rogers, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) and Lucky 13 (J. J. Reisig, Ray White and Cody and Paul Dapkus) entering the final night of the first half of the split season on Monday.

However, Get-R-Done beat Custom Designs, 3-1, and Lucky 13 topped Fab Four, 3-1, leaving Get-R-Done and Lucky 13 tied for first place with 41 wins each.

These teams held a one-game roll off which Get-R-Done won by 12 pins which earned that team the first-place prize money of $720. Lucky 13 won $640 and Custom Designs took home $520.

The high games on the final night were 265 by Ron Gugel and 257 by Cody Dapkus, while Brandon Simpson (723) and Barry Miller (681) rolled the best series scores.

A 600 series was also bowled by Gugel (666), Shawn Barton (663), Lewis Jones Jr. (658), Glenn Masters (651), Mark Rogers (643), Aaron Rose (638), Randy Burgess (633), J.J. Resig (625), Cody Dapkus (617), J. R. Martin (617), David Norman (615), Neil Haggard (613), Nate Rosenbauer (612) and Lynn Estes (604).

Regina Barton, with a 211 game and 583 series, and Andi Daly, with a 203 game and 523 series, led the women in the league.

The individual leaders for the league will be listed in next week’s column.

Galaxy Girls

Narita Rose bowled the top scores on Tuesday with a 207 game and 593 series. Tammy Fourre rolled the second-best game (195) and Pauline Denny the second-high series (472).

Splits were converted by Jelemia Sanders (3-10), Emma Lee Tate (5-6-10), Karen Hendrix (4-5), Brenda Williams (3-10) and Jan Stepp (5-6-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Bill Bowles (246) and Lewis Jones Jr. (245) rolled the top games for the members of this league last week, while the best series scores by league members were 647 by Lewis Jones Sr. and 646 by David Norman.

A 600 series was also bowled by Jones Jr. (634), Bobby Abrams (622) and Bowles (600). Substitute Brandon Simpson rolled a 257 game and 664 series.

Renda Roberts (159), JoAnn Smith (159) and Teresa Jackson (152) bowled the highest women’s games, while the best women’s series were 442 by Smith, 407 by Roberts and 406 by Pat Holtzclaw.

Julia Landreth converted a 5-7 and a 6-7-10 split.

Classic Doubles

Carl Daniels (222), Josh Jackson (200), Bobby Abrams (199) and Terry Kirby (198) bowled the best men’s games last Thursday.

The highest men’s series were 592 by Daniels, 566 by Jackson and 560 by Abrams.

The best women’ s games were 213 by Tina Hisle, 202 by Denise Lakner and 199 by Beverly Shearer. They also rolled the highest women’s series — 533 by Shearer, 532 by Lakner and 525 by Hisle.

Vernon Bennett converted a 6-7-10 split.


John Hickam led the members of this league last Friday with a 268 game and 738 series. Todd Young and Ronald Richmond rolled the second-best games at 248 each. Young also rolled the second-high series (672) for league members.

A 600 series was also bowled by Glenn Masters (651), Bobby Abrams (646) and Lewis Jones Jr. (611).

Substitute Brandon Simpson bowled three no-miss games (259, 257 and 238) for a 754 series. Sub Mark Rogers rolled a 677 series. Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 200 game and 550 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 183 and 523. Sara Zuercher rolled a 506 series.

Debbie Jones converted a 5-6-10 split.

Early Birds

Gail Campbell led this league with a 235 game and 561 series on Wednesday morning. The next-best scores were a 205 game and 532 series by Karen Kensicki.

Splits were converted by Carroll Hackworth (2-7), Beverly Brassfield (2-7) and Pat Harris (3-6-7-10).

High school bowling

The Madison Central and Madison Southern bowling teams will meet in a head-to-head match at 6 p.m. tonight at Galaxy.

High school teams compete for seven points. Two groups from each school bowl a two-game series with one point awarded for the high score in each of the four games. The teams then bowl two Baker games in which five bowlers from each school alternate bowling a frame with one point awarded for each Baker win. A final point is awarded for the highest pin total for all games.

The girl’s teams for both local schools include several key members who bowled last season. The Central boy’s team also has several veteran bowlers, but the Southern boys are in a rebuilding phase and have a very young team.

Both schools had other matches during the past week. Madison Central played host to Montgomery County at the Galaxy Center on Dec. 11 and met Corbin on the road on Dec. 17.

Central vs. Montgomery County

The Lady Indians downed Montgomery County 6-1 as Danielle Harrison (191), Debborah Harrison (181), Kaylee Speakman (149), Casey Dickerson (146), Nikki Vickery (135) and Brittany Scott (134) bowled the best games.

The Central girls won the first Baker match 132-102, but Montgomery won the second Baker match 148-136 for their only point.

The Central boys lost to Montgomery County 5-2 despite bowling some outstanding individual scores.

Freshman Corbin Roberts bowled a 223 game in only his second match. Other high games were rolled by Josh Maynard (209), Grant Willoughby (188), Daelyn White (173) and Blake Jackson (167).

Central at Corbin

 The Central boys downed the Redhounds 5-2 as Josh Maynard (205), Daelyn White (180), Grant Willoughby (176) and Blake Jackson (163) rolled the high games.

 The Lady Indians lost to Corbin by a 4-3 count. Central’s best games were 171 by Debborah Harrison, 162 by Casey Dickerson and 144 by Danielle Harrison.


Madison Southern

Madison Southern played host to Corbin on Dec. 12 and traveled to Lee County on Dec. 14 before returning for a home match with Clark County on Dec. 17.

Southern vs. Corbin

Megan Faught bowled the highest game of the season for Southern with a no-miss 227 game as the Lady Eagles topped Corbin, 5-2. The next-best games for the girls were 171 by Heather Smith and 157 by Rebecca Sowder.

The Lady Eagles won both Baker style matches —118-90 and 134-91.

Southern’s young boy’s team turned in its best showing of the season by capturing three of the possible seven points against Corbin. The high games were bowled by Zeb Davis (195), Kymonte Bruce (166) and Hunter Megyesi (130).

The boys lost both Baker matches to Corbin — 152-123 and 138 — 108, but they scored high enough to win the point for total pins.

Southern at Lee County

Most of the Southern bowlers found the wooden lanes at Lee County to be quite challenging and did not roll high scores.

An exception was Rebecca Sowder, who bowled games of 205 and 158. Heather Smith rolled the next-best girl’s game at 143.

The Madison Southern girls lost to Lee County 4-3 and the boys lost 6-1.

Kevin Rodgers (141), Hunter Megyesi (130) and Zeb Davis (129) rolled the best games for the Southern boys.

Southern vs. Clark County

The Lady Eagles topped Clark County 5-0. Ordinarily there are seven points to be won, but both schools had bowlers absent and could only enter one group in the free-bowling competition rather than the usual two groups.

The Southern trio of Megan Faught, Heather Smith and Rebecca Sowder won both of their matches 502-250 and 419-257.

Heather Smith bowled her first 200 game with a 213 score to lead her team. The next-best games were 162 by Sowder and 141 by Faught. The Lady Eagles won both Baker games 165-82 and 121-72.

The Southern boys captured two points by winning both Baker games 122-107 and 135-122, but Clark County won the match, 5-2.

 The Southern boy’s trio of Kyle Maggard, John Richmond and Zeb Davis fell just four pins short of winning their first free-bowling game.

 Davis led the scoring for Southern with games of 191 and 178.

This week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    268

Ron Gugel    265

Brandon Simpson    259

Cory Dapkus    257

Todd Young    248

Ronald Richmond    248

Shawn Barton    246

Bill Bowles    246

Lewis Jones Jr.    245

Glenn Masters    243

Barry Miller    238

David Norman    237

Lewis Jones Sr.    236

Terry Jackson    236

Mark Rogers    235

Bobby Abrams    228

Aaron Rose    228

Joe Reichel    227

Neil Haggard    226

Carl Daniels    226

Ronnie Thomas    226

J. J. Reisig    225

Lynn Estes    225

Paul Dapkus    224

Gary Kerns    222

J. R. Martin    220

Nate Rosenbauer    217

Randy Burgess    217

Gary Cromer    216

Joe Bailey    214

Patrick Wells    214

Steve Woltering    213

Russell Jones    210

Ronnie Hurd    205

John Rice    204

Bill Schutters    202

Al McKnight    200

Josh Jackson    200

Women’s games

Gail Campbell    235

Tina Hisle    213

Regina Barton    211

Narita Rose    207

Karen Kensicki    205

Andi Daly    203

Denise Lakner    202

Tammy Fourre    195

Genny Bryant    191

Beverly Shearer    183

Tiara Holt    183

Christy Richmond    182

Sara Zuercher    180