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December 19, 2013

BOWLING: MCBA’s Christmas Tourney a success

RICHMOND — Thirty-nine bowlers took to the lanes on Sunday in the Madison County Bowling Association’s annual Christmas tournament.

This tourney used the no-tap format in which nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike.

Mark Rogers, with a score of 840 for three games, and Lynn Estes ,with an 832 score, placed first and second for the men. Narita Rose (784) and Gail Campbell (692) bowled the highest women’s scores. The first-place man and woman each won $25, while those finishing second earned $15 each.

Brandon Simpson rolled two no-tap 300 games, while Rogers and John Hickam each reached “perfection” once.

A ticket was awarded for each strike bowled. At the conclusion of the bowling, 12 tickets were drawn and the lucky ticket holders chose an unmarked envelope containing from $10 to $50.

Winning tickets were drawn for Terry Jackson, Brandon Simpson, Todd Young, Steve Davis, Carl Daniels, Kenny Smith, Pat Holtzclaw, Beverly Shearer, Charles Glodt, Gary Kerns, Chris Gregory and Josh Jackson — who picked the $50 envelope.

League highlights

Galaxy Classic

Custom Designs (Chris Collins, J. R. Martin and Regina and Shawn Barton) held a one-game lead over Get-R-Done (Terry Jackson, Mark Rogers, David Norman and Brandon Simpson) and Lucky 13 (J. J. Reisig, Ray White and Cody and Paul Dapkus) entering the final night of the first half of the split season on Monday.

However, Get-R-Done beat Custom Designs, 3-1, and Lucky 13 topped Fab Four, 3-1, leaving Get-R-Done and Lucky 13 tied for first place with 41 wins each.

These teams held a one-game roll off which Get-R-Done won by 12 pins which earned that team the first-place prize money of $720. Lucky 13 won $640 and Custom Designs took home $520.

The high games on the final night were 265 by Ron Gugel and 257 by Cody Dapkus, while Brandon Simpson (723) and Barry Miller (681) rolled the best series scores.

A 600 series was also bowled by Gugel (666), Shawn Barton (663), Lewis Jones Jr. (658), Glenn Masters (651), Mark Rogers (643), Aaron Rose (638), Randy Burgess (633), J.J. Resig (625), Cody Dapkus (617), J. R. Martin (617), David Norman (615), Neil Haggard (613), Nate Rosenbauer (612) and Lynn Estes (604).

Regina Barton, with a 211 game and 583 series, and Andi Daly, with a 203 game and 523 series, led the women in the league.

The individual leaders for the league will be listed in next week’s column.

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