The Richmond Register

November 18, 2012

BOWLING: Gugel rolls first 300 game of the season

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Ron Gugel bowled the first 300 game of the 2012-13 season at Galaxy in the Galaxy Classic League last Monday. He added games of 204 and 235 for a 739 series.

Oddly enough, Gugel also bowled the first 300 game at Galaxy last season with his career-first perfect game in the Friday Night Mixed League on Sept. 2, 2011.

Ron is the third generation member of his family to bowl a perfect game as his father and grandfather also have a 300 game on their resumes.

Gugel’s 300 game was not the only outstanding performance at Galaxy last week.

Brandon Lutes rolled the highest series for the season at Galaxy with a 790 score in the Galaxy Classic League. Lutes’ series included the second-best game for the week at 286.

Miranda Reffitt set a new high for a women’s game at Galaxy this season with a 263 score in the Wednesday Wonders League. Reffitt also rolled the high women’s series for the week at 654.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

As noted at the top of the column, new season highs for game and series at Galaxy were set in this league last week by Ron Gugel and Brandon Lutes, respectively.

Twelve league members rolled a 600 series led by Bill Bowles (690), Mike E. Bryant (662), Ron Roberts (635) and John Hickam (623).

Others who reached this level were Patrick Wells (617), Glenn Masters (613), Cody Daly (613), David Norman (612), Aaron Rose (608), Mike Huser (608), Joe Reichel (604), Barry Miller (603) and substitutes Jeff Napier (670), Daniel Benge (661) and Brandon Simpson (639).

There were 53 200-level game bowled by 33 individuals in this league last Monday. The names of these individuals and their best scores are included in the list of top scores at the end of this column.

Galaxy Girls

The top two games in this league last week were 201 by Mary Marcum and 186 by Donna Haney, while the highest series scores were 526 by Haney and 510 by Narita Rose.

Splits were converted by Faye Willis (2-7), Felty (3-10), Teresa Wilson (7-9), Sherry Ernst (5-6-10), Brenda Williams (9-10 and 5-6) and Brenda Marcum (3-7 and 3-10).


Connie Bowlin and Marietta McBride led this league last week. Bowlin bowled the top game (200) and second-best series (480), while McBride rolled the top series (506) and second-best game (186).

Splits were converted by Tina Hunter (3-10), Yolanda Fritz (4-7-10), Doris Gish (2-7) and Dewey Locker (7-9).

Early Birds

Karen Kensicki bowled the top game in this league last week (192) and Beverly Brassfield rolled the best series (504).

Beverly Shearer was second in both categories with a 189 game and 480 series.

Splits were converted by Shearer (2-5-7), Joyce Kearns (5-7), Pat Harris (5-7), Sue Hegelmeyer (3-10) and Carroll Hackworth (5-8 and 6-9-10).

Wednesday Wonders

Lewis Jones Jr. just missed a 700 series as he led the members of this league with a 697 total last week. He also bowled the high game at 259.

David Norman rolled the second-best series for league members (683) and David Kendrick the second-best game (246).

A 600 series was also bowled by Kendrick (651) and Steve McKnight (623).

Substitute Brandon Simpson bowled a 277 game and 745 series.

Miranda Reffitt led the league’s ladies with the highest women’s game of the season at Galaxy with a 263 score, and she rolled the season’s second-best women’s series at 654.

Rita Morgan bowled the second-best women’s game (191) and series (494) for the night.

Friday Night Mixed

Ron Gugel followed up his perfect game from last Monday by leading this league with a 268 game and 688 series last week.

Ronald Richmond was second in both categories with a 227 game and 635 series.

A 600 series was also bowled by Neil Haggard (614), Mark Rogers (612) and Glenn Masters (607).

Novel Davis became the fourth member of this season’s 600 club for women with a 615 series. Davis also rolled the best women’s game for the night at 220.

Christy Richmond bowled the second-best women’s game (194) and series (540).

Beth Smith converted a 5-10 split.


Merle Meade led this league last week with a 228 game and 612 series. Ollie Gasser was second in both categories at 211 and 587.

Sandy Reynolds led the league’s women with a 211 game and 561 series, followed by Margaret Tilsley at 192 and 508.

Splits were converted by Jennifer Richmond (5-10), Sue Hegelmeyer (9-10), Tim Wells (2-4-10) and Tib Congleton (5-7 and 5-6-10).

Cash Money

The top games in this league last week were 210 by Ronnie Norris Sr., 203 by J.J. Reisig and 203 by Mark Paier.

Reisig (557) and Norris Sr. (539) bowled the highest series scores.

Colleen Jackson led the women in the league with a 149 game and 397 series, followed by Sara Burgess at 143 and 370.

Substitute Steve McKnight bowled a 248 game and 596 series.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Tina Hisle just missed rolling her second no-tap 300 game in this league as she left two pins on her final ball and finished with a 298 score. Hisle also bowled the top women’s series for the night at 754.

Genny Bryant rolled the second-best women’s game (216) and series (539).

Gary Cromer led the men with a 262 game and 760 series. Joe Sampson bowled the second-best men’s game (259) and David Robinson the second-best men’s series (729).

Last week’s top scores

Men’s Games

Ron Gugel    300

Brandon Lutes    286

Brandon Simpson    277

Lewis Jones Jr.    259

Bill Bowles    258

Mike E. Bryant    257

Aaron Rose    250

Steve McKnight    248

David Kendrick    246

David Norman    245

Rick Burton    237

Patrick Wells    235

Carl Daniels    233

Merle Meade    228

Daniel Benge    228

Joe Reichel    227

Ronald Richmond    227

Mike Huser    226

Neil Haggard    226

Ron Roberts    225

Jeff Napier    225

Mike Riley    224

Matt Joyce    224

Barry Miller    223

Gary Holtzclaw    223

Craig Richmond    223

Cody Daly    222

Kenny Smith    222

Peanut Johnson    221

Bobby Abrams    220

Glenn Masters    218

Terry Jackson    216

Mark Rogers    215

John Hickam    215

Billy McGuire    213

Keith Nash    211

Shawn Barton    211

Ollie Gasser    211

Ronnie Norris Sr.    210

Lynn Estes    206

Terry Jackson    205

Steve Woltering    205

Randy Burgess Sr.    204

Lewis Jones Sr.    203

J.J. Reisig    203

Joe Bailey    203

Mark Paier    203

Scott Kaylor    202

Bruce Watson    202

John Rice    201

Tyler Morgan    200

Women’s Games

Miranda Reffitt    263

Novel Davis    220

Regina Barton    215

Sandy Reynolds    211

Mary Marcum    201

Connie Bowlin    200

Christy Richmond    194

Margaret Tilsley    192

Karen Kensicki    192

Rita Morgan    191

Beverly Shearer    189

Marietta McBride    186

Donna Haney    186

Narita Rose    183

Amy Felty    180

Janie Secchi    180