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December 31, 2012

BOWLING: Hickam sets new season high at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Although only three leagues were in action last week because of the holidays, there were several outstanding scores recorded.

John Hickam set a new high for the season at Galaxy with a 794 series which included two 277 games.

Glenn Masters rolled the top game for the week at 279.

Sara Zuercher became the fifth member of this season’s 600 club for women with a 603 series in the TGIF League. Her series included the high women’s game for the week at 236.

League Highlights

Early Birds

The top games in this league last Wednesday were 198 by Beverly Shearer and 180 by Ruby Jo Ward.

Patricia Harris (523) and Karen Kensicki (504) rolled the best series scores.

Friday Night Mixed

There were several high scores bowled in this league last week.

John Hickam narrowly missed reaching the coveted 800 series level with a 794 score, which included two games of 277.

Only six men have bowled an 800 series at Galaxy. The most recent were Brandon Simpson in Feb. 2011 and John Poynter in Jan. 2012.

Glenn Masters rolled the top game for the night at 279 and the second-best series (690).

A 600 series was also bowled by Lewis Jones Jr. (661), Bill Bowles (655), Kenny Smith (648), Mark Rogers (631), Ron Gugel (622), Steve McKnight (609) and Steve Woltering (601).

Narita Rose led the league’s ladies with a 203 game and 579 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 171 and 476.


Sara Zuercher set new season highs for the women in this league with a 236 game and 603 series. Zuercher is the fifth woman to roll a 600 series at Galaxy this season.

Sandy Reynolds bowled the second-best scores for the league’s women with a 187 game and 525 series.

Merle Meade (221) and Charles Harris (213) bowled the top men’s games last week, while the best men’s series were 561 by Ollie Gasser and 534 by Meade. Splits were converted by Rich Wells (3-6-7-10), Becky Wells (5-7) and Margaret Tilsley (2-7).

Cash Money

The top three teams in this league’s fall season were listed in a previous column. The individual leaders are recognized in today’s column.

The Untouchables (Mickey McAllister, Patricia Norris, Ronnie Norris Sr. and Ronnie Norris Jr.), Champion’s Sports Bar (J.J. Reisig, Steve Dalton, Pete Young and Nate Rosenbauer) and No Name Bowlers (Jim Collins, Sam Spangler, Debra Robertson and Mike Aldrich) finished in the top three positions.

 Nate Rosenbauer finished with the highest average (176), followed by Mike Aldrich (175), J.J. Reisig (172), Ronnie Norris Sr. (168) and Ronnie Norris Jr. (167).

Rosenbauer bowled the top series (660) with Reisig (629), Norris Jr. (595), Norris Sr. (581) and Aldrich (569) next in line.

Rosenbauer also rolled the top game (257), followed by Aldrich (249), Reisig (244), Norris Jr. (234) and Sam Spangler (230).

The highest women’s average was compiled by Colleen Jackson (136), followed by Lanette Rosales (128), Sara Burgess (116), Debra Robertson (116) and Mary Mink (110).

Rosales bowled the top series (473) with Jackson (462), Burgess (402), Robertson (401) and Janet Bird (393) next in line.

The top women’s games were 180 by Jackson, 170 by Robertson, 168 by Burgess, 162 by Rosales and 160 by Beth Voorhees.

The most improved awards were earned by Ronnie Norris Jr. for the men and Patricia Norris for the women.

January league schedules

Four leagues will be in action this week. The Wednesday Early Birds, Friday Night Mixed and TGIF leagues will continue with their full year seasons. The Classic Doubles League will open a new season at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

The other six Galaxy leagues will swing into action during the following week.

The Galaxy Girls will resume their 30-week season on Jan. 8.

A new winter season, or the second half of a split season, will get under way the following week for the other five leagues.

The Galaxy Classic and Cash Money Leagues will start their winter seasons on Jan. 7. The Arlington and Bad Bowlers No-tap Leagues will start new seasons on Jan. 8 and the Wednesday Wonders League will start the second half of its split season on Jan. 9.

Galaxy leaderboards for men

 The reduced league activity last week provides an opportunity to recognize the top performances to date for the men bowling in sanctioned leagues at Galaxy.

Fifteen men have compiled an average of 200 or higher thus far this season, while 13 men had reached that level at this point last season.

The average listed is the bowler’s best average in any one league in which he has bowled a minimum of 21 games.

A series score of 700 or higher has been bowled by 17 men this season compared to 16 last season.

The number of men who have bowled a game of 275 or higher is 14 this season — up from the 10 men who had reached that level at this point in the season last year.

Two men — Ron Gugel and John Hickam — have rolled a 300 game this season, while a 300 game had been bowled by four men at this point last season — Gugel, Brandon Simpson, John Poynter and Neil Haggard.

Best men’s averages

Brandon Simpson    227

John Hickam    222

Tyler Morgan    213

Mark Rogers    211

Ron Gugel    211

Matt Joyce    210

Glenn Masters    208

David Norman    207

Neil Haggard    206

Mike E. Bryant    206

Lewis Jones Jr.    204

Brandon Lutes    204

Aaron Rose    202

Joe Reichel    202

Barry Miller    200

Best men’s series

John Hickam    794

Brandon Lutes    790

Neil Haggard    773

Brandon Simpson    751

Joe Reichel    747

Mark Rogers    746

Ron Gugel    739

Jeff Napier    738

Tyler Morgan    729

Ollie Gasser    717

Ron Roberts    715

Randy Burgess    715

Matt Joyce    712

Aaron Rose    711

Barry Miller    710

Shawn Barton    704

Glenn Masters    701

Best men’s games

Ron Gugel    300

John Hickam    300

Mike E. Bryant    290

Brandon Simpson    290

Brandon Lutes    286

Joe Reichel    280

Cody Dapkus    280

Glenn Masters    279

Mark Rogers    278

Todd Young    278

Ollie Gasser    278

Neil Haggard    277

Tyler Morgan    276

Shawn Barton    276

Happy New Year to all!

To the bowlers - may your strikes be many and your splits be few.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Glenn Masters    279

John Hickam    277

Lewis Jones Jr.    246

Kenny Smith    245

Ronald Richmond    238

Mark Rogers    234

Donnie Barger    226

Bill Bowles    224

Merle Meade    221

Steve Woltering    215

Ron Gugel    215

Charles Harris    213

Ollie Gasser    211

Steve McKnight    210

Ronnie Hurd    203

Women’s games

Sara Zuercher    236

Narita Rose    203

Beverly Shearer    198

Sandy Reynolds    187

Ruby Jo Ward    180

Pat Harris    180