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March 18, 2013

BOWLING: Terrific week for Simpson at Galaxy


RICHMOND — Arlington

Tina Hunter (189) and Connie Bowlin (185) bowled the high games in this league last Tuesday, while the top series scores were 518 by Bowlin and 499 by Linda Bowles. Splits were converted by Hunter (5-8-10 and 5-10), Janie Ohr (4-8-9), Sherry Ernst (5-7) and Barbara Hendren (5-10).

Early Birds

Karen Kensicki led this league last Wednesday morning with a 204 game and 512 series. Beverly Brassfield bowled the second-best game (193) and Genny Bryant the second-high series (502).

Splits were picked up by Carroll Hackworth (5-10), Mollie Morris (4-6-10), Sue Hegel Meyer (3-10) and Barbara Brogle


Wednesday Wonders

Steve McKnight led this league with a 268 game and 677 series. Lewis Jones Sr. bowled the second-best game (243) and Bill Bowles the second-high series (663).

A 600 series was also bowled by Jones Sr. (646), Lewis Jones, Jr. (618) and Woody Arvin (606).

Substitute Brandon Simpson rolled 247 game and 711 series.

The league’s women were led by Kymmi Bowles with a 173 game and 462 series. The second-best women’s game was 158 by Mikki Moren and the second-high series was 440 by Pat Holtzclaw.

Teresa Jackson converted a 6-7-10, 4-9 and 5-10 split.

Classic Doubles

The top games in this league last week were 250 by Russell Jones and 246 by Carl Daniels, while the best series scores were 693 by Daniels and 609 by David Robinson. Mike Huser rolled a 600 series.

Tina Hisle led the league’s women with a 200 game and 508 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 192 and 484.

Friday Night Mixed

John Hickam led this league last week with a 290 game and 789 series. Mark Rogers bowled the next-best scores for league members with a 257 game and 643 series. Substitute Brandon Simpson rolled a 255 game and 745 series.

A 600 series was also bowled by Lewis Jones Jr. (637) and Ron Gugel (605). The high women’s games were 217 by Narita Rose and 175 by Novel Davis, while the top series was 565 by Rose.

Splits were converted by Rose (4-7-9) and Debbie Jones (5-7).

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