The Richmond Register

March 18, 2013

BOWLING: Terrific week for Simpson at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
By Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Brandon Simpson bowled three 700 series last week (775, 745 and 711). John Hickam (789), Lewis Jones Jr. (768) and Mike E. Bryant (726) also rolled a 700 series.

Hickam and Jones Jr. narrowly missed bowling a 300 game with score of 290 and 289, respectively.

Narita Rose bowled the high women’s game for the week (217) and Regina Barton the best women’s series (583).

Dause Memorial Tournament set for Sunday

The second-annual Lemetta Dause Memorial Tournament will be held at 2 p.m. Sunday. Lemetta, an avid bowler and member of Galaxy’s 600 Club for women, succumbed to cancer in December 2011.

The tourney will use the 3-6-9 format in which bowlers are awarded free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames and the no-tap format in which nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike.

The entry fee is $20 to bowl four games.

The proceeds will be donated to Hospice Care Plus in Lemetta’s honor.

Prizes will be awarded to the winners and numerous door prizes will be awarded.

Any business or individual who would like to contribute to Hospice Care Plus through this tournament by donating a prize or money may contact Harvey Poynter at 582-4764 or Beverly Shearer at 625-4130.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Lewis Jones Jr. led this league last Monday with a 289 game. Mike E. Bryant, David Norman and John Hickam each bowled a 279 game.

The best series scores were 775 by Brandon Simpson and 768 by Jones Jr.

A 600 series was bowled by Norman (697), Gary Cromer (667), Ron Gugel (675), Shawn Barton (674), Bobby Abrams (661), Randy Burgess (651), Lynn Estes (645), Neil Haggard (641), Barry Miller (639) and Joe Reichel (639).

Ronnie Hurd (636), Lewis Jones Sr. (628), Patrick Wells (618), Hickam (615), Glenn Masters (612), Billy McGuire (611), Scott Kaylor (609), Matt Wieczorek (606) and Aaron Rose (603) also reached the 600 series level.

Galaxy Girls

The top games in this league last Tuesday were 190 by Linda Combs and 189 by Amy Felty, while the high series scores were 499 by Mary Marcum and 493 by Felty.

Splits were converted by Beverly Aleshire (6-7), Emma Lee Tate (3-10), Karen Hendrix (5-6), Velma Cruse (3-10), Ruby Jo Ward (2-7), Sherry Ernst (5-7), Faye Willis (3-10) and Brenda Marcum (5-8-10 and 3-10).


Tina Hunter (189) and Connie Bowlin (185) bowled the high games in this league last Tuesday, while the top series scores were 518 by Bowlin and 499 by Linda Bowles. Splits were converted by Hunter (5-8-10 and 5-10), Janie Ohr (4-8-9), Sherry Ernst (5-7) and Barbara Hendren (5-10).

Early Birds

Karen Kensicki led this league last Wednesday morning with a 204 game and 512 series. Beverly Brassfield bowled the second-best game (193) and Genny Bryant the second-high series (502).

Splits were picked up by Carroll Hackworth (5-10), Mollie Morris (4-6-10), Sue Hegel Meyer (3-10) and Barbara Brogle


Wednesday Wonders

Steve McKnight led this league with a 268 game and 677 series. Lewis Jones Sr. bowled the second-best game (243) and Bill Bowles the second-high series (663).

A 600 series was also bowled by Jones Sr. (646), Lewis Jones, Jr. (618) and Woody Arvin (606).

Substitute Brandon Simpson rolled 247 game and 711 series.

The league’s women were led by Kymmi Bowles with a 173 game and 462 series. The second-best women’s game was 158 by Mikki Moren and the second-high series was 440 by Pat Holtzclaw.

Teresa Jackson converted a 6-7-10, 4-9 and 5-10 split.

Classic Doubles

The top games in this league last week were 250 by Russell Jones and 246 by Carl Daniels, while the best series scores were 693 by Daniels and 609 by David Robinson. Mike Huser rolled a 600 series.

Tina Hisle led the league’s women with a 200 game and 508 series, followed by Beverly Shearer at 192 and 484.

Friday Night Mixed

John Hickam led this league last week with a 290 game and 789 series. Mark Rogers bowled the next-best scores for league members with a 257 game and 643 series. Substitute Brandon Simpson rolled a 255 game and 745 series.

A 600 series was also bowled by Lewis Jones Jr. (637) and Ron Gugel (605). The high women’s games were 217 by Narita Rose and 175 by Novel Davis, while the top series was 565 by Rose.

Splits were converted by Rose (4-7-9) and Debbie Jones (5-7).


Ollie Gasser (224) and Brian Ford (212) bowled the top games last week, while the best series were 633 by Gasser and 572 by Merle Meade.

The best women’s games were 190 by Sara Zuercher and 188 by Miranda Reffitt.

Sandy Reynolds (541) and Zuercher (529) bowled the high series scores for the women.

Beverly Werner converted a 5-7 split.

Cash Money

Steve Dalton (199) and Ronnie Norris Sr. (185) bowled the high games in this league last Monday, while the best series were 531 by Norris Sr. and 516 by Steve McKnight.

The top women’s games were bowled by Debra Robertson (149) and Carolyn McKnight (145), while the high series were 409 by McKnight and 376 by Robertson.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

Gary Cromer bowled the high game (276) and series (787) last Tuesday. His series score is a new high for the league this season.

Anthony Taulbee rolled the second-best game (245) and Ed Maggard the second-high series (662).

Joanna Dickey led the league’s ladies with a 208 game and 556 series, followed by Pat Taulbee at 151 and 404.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

John Hickam    290

Lewis Jones Jr.    289

Mike E. Bryant    279

David Norman    279

Brandon Simpson    268

Steve McKnight    268

Shawn Barton    258

Lynn Estes    258

Mark Rogers    257

Carl Daniels    254

Gary Cromer    251

Russell Jones    250

Lewis Jones Sr.    243

Eric Huff    243

Bill Bowles    241

Ronnie Hurd    241

Terry Jackson    241

Scott Kaylor    236

Ron Gugel    236

Glenn Masters    236

Randy Burgess    235

Woody Arvin    234

Russell Truesdale    234

David Robinson    233

Bobby Abrams    233

Neil Haggard    231

Joe Reichel    229

Billy McGuire    227

Matt Wiezorek    226

Ollie Gasser    224

Barry Miller    223

Patrick Wells    223

Ronnie Thomas    222

Ronald Richmond    220

Steve Woltering    215

Spider Weaver    214

Robbie Richmond    212

Donnie Barger    212

Brian Ford    212

Bruce Watson    211

Terry Jackson    209

James Webb    207

Tim Wells    205

Aaron Rose    205

Mike Huser    203

Ron Roberts    202

Kenny Smith    201

John Rice    201

Mike Riley    200

Women’s games

Narita Rose    217

Regina Barton    206

Karen Kensicki    204

Beverly Brassfield    193

Beverly Shearer    192

Gail Campbell    191

Sara Zuercher    190

Linda Combs    190

Tina Hunter    189

Amy Felty    189

Andi Daly    188

Miranda Reffitt    188

Sandy Reynolds    187

Connie Bowlin    185

Novel Davis    184

Mary Marcum    183