The Richmond Register

October 15, 2012

BOWLING: Watson leads the way at Galaxy

By Dean Acker
Register Bowling Columnist

RICHMOND — Bruce Watson bowled the top game for the week at Galaxy with a 267 score in the Galaxy Classic League.

Matt Joyce rolled the best series as a league member at 712 in the Wednesday Wonders League. Substitute Jeff Napier bowled a 738 series.

The top scores for women for the week were a 220 game by Shella Cobb in the Galaxy Girls League and a 590 series by Sara Zuercher in the TGIF League.

Charity tournament set for Saturday

There will be a 3-6-9 and no-tap tournament at 1 p.m. Saturday. Bowlers get free strikes in the third, sixth and ninth frames in the 3-6-9 format and nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap competition.

This tournament is open to everyone. The entry fee is $10 to bowl three games. Prizes will be awarded.

Net proceeds will go to the Lexington Road Church of God Kitchen Appliances Fund.

League Highlights

Galaxy Classic

Bruce Watson (267) and David Norman (257) bowled the top games for the members of this league, while the best series for league members were 699 by Neil Haggard and 638 by Aaron Rose.

This was a night for super subs as four men with one or more 300 games on their resumes bowled in place of absent league members.

Three of the substitutes — Jeff Napier (738), Brandon Simpson (707) and Tyler Morgan (700) — rolled a 700-level series. The fourth sub — Joe Sageser — bowled a 630 series. Sageser has just recently returned to bowling following major surgery.

The best games by the subs were 261 by Morgan, 259 by Napier and 258 by Simpson.

A 600 series was also bowled by Norman (632), Mark Rogers (631), Carl Daniels (626), Barry Miller (624), Scott Kaylor (618), Cody Daly (612), Cody Dapkus (606) and Keith Nash (605).

Sue Hegelmeyer and Regina Barton tied for the highest women’s game at 188, while the best women’s series was 504 by Beverly Shearer.

The names and best scores of the 33 men who rolled one or more of the 51 200-level games at this session are included in the top scores list at the end of this column.

Galaxy Girls

Shella Cobb led this league last week with a 220 game and 572 series.

Carole Bales rolled the second-best game (201), while the next-best series scores were bowled by Susie King (507), Bales (503) and Brenda Marcum (502).

Several women converted splits, including Jan Stepp (3-10), Narita Rose (2-7-8), Emma Lee Tate (4-5), Jelemia Sanders (2-7), Tammy Fourre (2-7 and 6-8), Brenda Marcum (3-9-10 and 3-10), Karen Hendrix (6-7), Rita Creech (5-9-10) and Sherry Ernst (2-7, 5-6, and 3-10)


Doris Gish led this league last Tuesday with a 188 game and 494 series.

Jan Barnes bowled the second-best game (166) and Linda Bowles the second-best series (436).

Splits were converted by Nancy Ross (2-7-8), Sandy Clark (7-9), Kim Owens (2-7), Peggy Coy (4-6), Sherry Ernst (5-7), Barbara Hendren (3-9-10 and 5-10), Kim Owens (2-7) and Emma Reams (5-10 and 5-8-10).

Early Birds

The top games in this league last week were 204 by Pat Harris, 203 by Beverly Shearer and a no-miss 201 score by Gail Campbell.

Shearer (517) and Harris (503) bowled the top series for the day.

Sue Hegelmeyer picked up a 3-7-10 split.

Wednesday Wonders

Matt Joyce led this league last week with a 266 game and 712 series.

Tyler Morgan bowled the second-best game (248) and Carl Daniels the second-high series (659). Morgan rolled a 640 series.

The league’s ladies were led by Rita Morgan with a 199 game and 562 series. The second-best women’s game was 187 by Lena Molen, while Miranda Reffitt rolled the second-best women’s series for the league members at 519.

Substitute Vanessa Reffitt bowled a 199 game and 538 series. Kymmi Bowles picked up a 5-10 split.

Friday Night Mixed

The best games in this league last week were rolled by Mark Rogers (256), John Hickam (244) and Ronald Richmond (244).

Seven men — Hickam (695), Richmond (683), Lewis Jones Jr. (667), Glenn Masters (663), Rogers (663), Ron Gugel (615) and Neil Haggard (612) — bowled a 600 series at this session.

Narita Rose (195) and Beverly Shearer (194) bowled the top women’s games, while the best women’s series were 535 by Rose, 518 by Shearer and 510 by Julia Landreth. This was Shearer’s third 500-level series of the week.


Three men reached the 200 game level in this league last week — Tim Wells (202), Al McKnight (201) and Ollie Gasser (200).

The best men’ series were 572 by Gasser and 558 by Merle Meade.

Sara Zuercher led all the league members with a 217 game and 590 series.

Margaret Tilsley bowled the second-best women’s game (173) and Sandy Reynolds the second-best women’s series (488).

Splits were converted by Sue Hegelmeyer (5-10 and 2-7-8), Margaret Tilsley (3-10), Fred Tilsley (2-7) and Terry Wilson (3-10).

Cash Money

Mike Aldrich bowled the top game (192) and series (533) for the male members of this league last week.

Ronnie Norris Jr. bowled the second-best men’s game (181) and Nate Rosenbauer the second-best series (515). Sub Pete Stamper rolled a 215 game.

The best women’s games were 170 by Debra Robertson and 157 by Colleen Jackson, while Jackson (402) and Robertson (381) rolled the best women’s series scores.

Bad Bowlers No-Tap

Nine pins down with the first ball in a frame counts as a strike in no-tap leagues.

David Robinson (727) and Jim Hisle (707) bowled the top series in this league last week.

A 600-level series was rolled by Gary Cromer (697) and Steve Dickey (633).

The top games were bowled by Hisle (277), Cromer (269) and Robinson (264).

Tina Hisle led the league’s women with a 268 game and 581 series, followed by Gail Campbell at 209 and 553.

Results for recent local tournaments

Todd Young finished first in the Welcome Back Tournament on Sept. 16 with a four- game handicapped total of 977.

Second place went to John Hickam with a score of 961, while Matt Joyce finished third with a 959 score.

Melanie Johnson finished first and won $100 in the Sport Shot Scratch tournament on Oct. 7.

Tom Roth, Jody Wafford and Randy Johnson placed second, third and fourth, respectively.

Upcoming events

“Bowl for the Cure” Tournament on Oct. 28.

Registration will begin at 1:30 p.m. and bowling will begin at 2 p.m. The entry fee is $15 per person.

This tournament will use the scotch doubles format in which partners alternate rolling a ball.

Funds from this tournament will go to the Madison County Relay for Life program to support the American Cancer Society.

Singles handicapped tournament on Oct. 28

Bowlers will roll four games across four pairs of lanes with the top five scorers moving to a stepladder final. The starting time is 2 p.m.

This tourney will use a handicap of 90 percent of the difference between the bowler’s 2012-13 average and 220.

The winner will earn $200, providing there are a sufficient number of entries.

Youth bowlers are welcome. Any money won by youth bowlers will be placed in their SMART accounts.

Last week’s top scores

Men’s games

Bruce Watson    267

Matt Joyce    266

Tyler Morgan    261

Jeff Napier    259

Brandon Simpson    258

David Norman    257

Mark Rogers    256

Neil Haggard    255

Glenn Masters    248

Ronald Richmond    245

Shawn Barton    244

John Hickam    244

Aaron Rose    243

Lewis Jones Jr.    240

Carl Daniels    236

Bill Bowles    231

Randy Burgess Sr.    225

Mark Daly    221

Robert Johnson    221

Scott Kaylor    220

Patrick Wells    220

Cody Dapkus    219

Ron Gugel    218

Ronnie Hurd    215

Pete Stamper    215

Barry Miller    214

Gary Cromer    214

Kenny Smith    213

Cody Daly    212

Joe Sageser    211

Mike E. Bryant    211

Lynn Estes    211

James Noe    211

Keith Nash    210

Lewis Jones Sr.    210

Russell Jones    209

Dallas Thomas    207

Mike Riley    206

Peanut Johnson    203

Jason Roberts    202

Tim Wells    202

Billy McGuire    201

Al McKnight    201

Paul Dapkus    200

Don R. Johnson    200

Ollie Gasser    200

Women’s games

Shella Cobb    220

Sara Zuercher    217

Beverly Shearer    209

Pat Harris    204

Gail Campbell    201

Carole Bales    201

Rita Morgan    199

Vanessa Reffitt    199

Narita Rose    195

Beverly Aleshire    189

Regina Barton    188

Sue Hegelmeyer    188

Doris Gish    188

Lena Molen    187

Velma Cruse    186

Donna Haney    184

Miranda Reffitt    183

Brenda Marcum    182

Christy Richmond    181

Julia Landreth    180

Amy Barker    180