The Richmond Register

July 2, 2014

More than six decades later, Glenmore Jones, 91, receives degree from EKU

By Nathan Hutchinson
Register Sports Editor

RICHMOND — After serving in the military, Glenmore Jones made the decision to go back to school.

And during his time in college, he admittedly didn’t take his studies all that seriously.

“I didn’t really try (very hard). I wanted to get my commission. So, for two years I stayed in and studied just hard enough to pass.”

After a few years, he left school to pursue other interests.

He never earned a college degree — and that was always something he very much regretted.

But, on Tuesday he received a long overdue honor.

More than 65 years after he attended his last college class, Jones — now 91 — was presented an associate degree in general studies with a minor in military science by Eastern Kentucky University President Michael Benson during a ceremony in the Combs Building.

“We are so proud that you are officially part of the EKU Colonel family,” Benson told Jones. “For all of you here today, I hope it means as much to you as it does to us. We are just really proud of you.”

Jones, a Richmond native, attended Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College — which later became EKU — from 1946 to 1949 after World War II and studied physical education. He played on the Eastern golf team for a couple of years before leaving the school to drive a bread truck, which at the time paid much more than the average teacher’s salary.

“It was a teacher’s college back then,” Jones said. “They really didn’t have any curriculum I liked at all. I just took things I was interested in. I got in every P.E. class with coach (Paul S.) McBrayer. That’s one A that I got. Of course, he gave 47 As and one F. So, it wasn’t that big of a deal. I got an A in comparative anatomy because I had a good lab partner.”

Jones was never really sure how many hours he had accumulated during his time at Eastern. After some research by his family and school officials, it was discovered that his classwork along with his military training and experience gave him enough credit to qualify for a degree.

“My cup runneth over,” Jones said after receiving the degree from Benson. “I can die happy now.”

Jones is just the latest member of his family to receive a degree from EKU. One of his grandkids graduated from the school recently, while another grandson is set to graduate next year.

Yet another grandchild is set to enroll at EKU this fall.

Jones’ older sister also graduated from the school and she was one of the main reasons he still wanted to get a degree all these years later.

“She was Miss Eastern,” Jones said of his sister, Jane. “She was Queen of the Military Ball. Queen of everything. I’ve lived in her shadow my entire life, so I wanted to (prove something to her). It tickled me to death. I said, ‘Jane, you are not the only one in this family to graduate from college.’”

Jones lived in Wisconsin and Florida, but returned to Richmond several decades ago. He’s always been a big supporter of EKU’s athletic teams and has always had a passion for the school.

“I’ve loved EKU all my life,” Jones said. “It’s meant so much to me.”

Jones has written a weekly golf column for the Richmond Register for almost 20 years and is a member of the Golf Writer’s Association of America.