The Richmond Register

December 18, 2012

White Hall Geometric Gingerbread House competition

By Kaitlin Keane
Register Chief Photographer

RICHMOND — Susan Huntzinger of White Hall Elementary had 138 students participate in the Geometric Gingerbread House competition.

Math skills were used to build the houses, including measurement (perimeter and area) money, estimation, addition, subtraction and multiplication. Each student only had $10 to spend on the creation of the gingerbread house. Managing a budget was another skill set used. Any design was allowed in the creative process, but each house had to include a point, a plane, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, intersecting lines, an acute angle, a right angle, an obtuse angle, a straight angle and a circle.

The students had their choice of two out of a quadrilateral, a pentagon, a hexagon or an octagon, a choice of three from an equilateral, triangle, an isosceles triangle, a scalene triangle, a right angle, an acute triangle and an obtuse triangle and a choice of three from a parallelogram, a trapezoid, a rectangle, a rhombus and a square.

There were three winners from each of the five different classes: Tajanna Winn, Dylan Fox, Vanessa Martinez, Ella Freeman, Tylan King, Ellie Hahn, Noah Halloran, Brandon Anderson, Nathan Storie, Nate Remmelzwall, Mason Bryant, Brenton Fox, Bryce Snapp, Kole Browne and Skylar Jacob all were winners in the contests. Ella Freeman was the overall winner and will be awarded a Cinemark Movie pass and a $5 Cinemark gift card.