The Richmond Register

November 19, 2012

2012 second-most profitable for Paradise Cove

By Bill Robinson
Register Editor

RICHMOND — The fifth season of Richmond's Paradise Cove aquatic center appears to have been its second-most profitable.

Although accounts payable from October remain outstanding, operation of the pool and its concession stand appear to have cleared $86,178, according to figures City Manager Jimmy Howard reported to the city commission last week.

The $86,178 includes a $30,343 operating margin for the pool's concession stand, according to figures reported to City Hall by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Assistant Parks and Recreation Director Erin Moore cautioned that a few more expenses remain before the books can be closed for 2012..

Although a little less than $$86,178 will go into the city's general fund, that number will fall far short of covering the annual payment of about $374,000 the city makes on the bonds sold to finance the aquatic center.

The best year for Paradise Cove was 2010, a hot, dry summer when the operating margin was about $97,700. Last year the margin was a little less than $67,000. The only year that income did not exceed expenses was the cool, wet summer of 2009, when the operating margin was a negative $25,600.

Paradise Cove margins

2012     $86,178

2011     $67,000

2010     $97,700

2009     -$25,600

2008     $54,500

Adventure Falls clears $26,556

The Adventure Falls miniature golf course adjacent to Paradise Cove in Lake Reba also had a good year, according to its financial report.

With total income of $75,488 and expenses of $48,932, Adventure Falls operations cleared $26,556.

The previous year, the margin was only $7,744, but that figure was diminished by the theft of approximately $12,694. Otherwise, the margin would have been $20,438.

In July, Gary Gray Jr., 27, of Danville, who managed Adventure Falls from April to July 2011 was sentenced by Madison Circuit Court to five years in prison after he pleaded guilty to theft. Although his attorney said Gray had made restitution, Judge Jean C. Logue denied Gray's request for probation.

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