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November 22, 2012

How to cook a turkey, according to Kingston third-graders

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RICHMOND — Third-graders from Kingston Elementary were randomly selected to share, in their own words, their favorite turkey day recipes.

First go to the store, than go home and put it in a pot and put it in the oven, aftar git salt and peper and some sesauge and put some BBQ sas on it and cooc it for 3 hours. last win it’s done it’s time to eat win your done it goes by by have a good Thanksgiving. boneaputete.

by Alexis Hunter

Heat the oven on 375 then put the turkey in the oven. Then set the timer on 2 hr 30 min. Then take it out pull the wishbone out then put vanilla on it.

by Kaden Carr-White

First, we buy the turkey. Next, we skin the turkey. Then, we take the temperature of the turkey. Next, we cut the turkey. Then, we put sweet baby ray’s BBQ sauce on the turkey. Next, we put the turkey in the oven. Then we take out the fat. Next we check for rabies. Then, we chop the head off the turkey. Next, we put salt, pepper, and spice. Then, we kill the turkey. Next, we clean the turkey. Then, we put socks on the turkey legs. Next, you take a tiny piece of turkey and tast it and it will tast delishouse. Finaly, we put the grece in a little cup then, voula you have a turkey..

by Marcus Fraser

First I would buy the ingredients. Then I would cook the turkey. Next I would cut it and take all the fat out and check for rabies. Then put it in the oven for 20 minits. Then take it out then put salt and pepper on it. Then finally I love to put stuffing buside it. Last but not leaste the barbecu sauce!!

by Macie Daniels

First I go to Kroger’s and by a turkey. Then I go home and wash it off. Then I rap it in tinfoil. And put it in the oven at 345f. I let it cook for 3 hours. Then I take it out and let it cool. Then I cut it open and stuff it. Then I melt butter on it and sprinkle salt on it. And then I serve it. And that’s my recipe.

by Carter Durbin

First I get redy to take it out. then I put it in the oven. then I set it to about 121 dugres. then I get it out wen the oven ding’s. then I put some spises on it. then I lay out the plat’s. then everybody come’s then I soove! the we all eat!

by Vanessa Garl

I go to the store and get a turkey. Then I unrap it. Then I wash it. I put the turky in the big huge pan. Then I put the oven on 3.50. We put the pan in the oven. And we call thirty people to come. Then we set the table. Then we have a fest and say yum yum yummy!

by Emily Dooley

First we buy the turkey. Then clean the turkey. Next cook it for 5 hours. After you season it and get salt and peper. Then put it in the oven for 1 hour. And let the seasoning souk in. Then let it coul off. Later you cut the turkey and give the turkey to your family. Yum yum time to eat!

by Kailey Brooks

First you go to the story and buy a turkey and beath broth. Next, you git a pan out! Pour the beath broth in the pan and tern the oven on at 350o F and wate for the oven to heat up when the oven is heated up then put the turkey in the oven and let the turkey cook for about 20 minits. let the turkey cool down then lets eat yumy yumy.

Thank you

by Chrissy Mitchell

Pre-heat the oven to 1,000o and make sure you have a semi heat proof oven. get out the turkey and a tray. When the oven is pre-heated turn i toff, wait five second’s and then sloly put the turkey in the oven. Wait until you think all the heat has seaped out of the oven the open the oven and pull the turkey out. done!!!!

by Scout Megyesi

I would pluck it first. Second I would wash it. Third I would put it on the grill. Fourth I would put spices on it. Fith I would let it cook for a hour three hours and then wons it’s done cut it up in slices, thin slices. Then invite your family over and enjoy it! with other stuff like ham, cornbread, corn, biscuts.

by Davis Pingleton

First you stuff it in the oven put it in there for 50 minutes at 350F. Then, let it sit for 30 minutes. Next, you put sesoning in it to make it have good flavor. Now, you put a side of gravy. Finally, cut the turkey then you eat.

by Parker Coyle

Step 1. You go to the grocery store get a tuekey and step 2 cut open the turkey and put stuffing in it step 3. Put wip -cream and put salt in it and step 4. cheese it and step 5 the amoot thing turn the oven on 6 dugrees step 6. then take it out and eat it

by Kennedy Johnson

My family gos to my grandmother house and my grandmother cooks the turkey. And my mom help cook the stuk and me and my brether play untill it is time to eat. And we pray to God and we eat.

by Jordon Cornelius

I go to the store I buy a tukery and thin I put the tukery in a big cadoeil. I put some buter on the tukery and some sate, thin I put some ulomenfor over the tukery and I put the tukery in the oven for 6 hores and thin when the 6 hore haes past thin I get the tukery out of the oven and thin I put on a plat and it is rede to eat!

by Gage Parker

First I am gong to put bastey in the turkey. Then you put it in a pan then in the oven at 347 degrees and let it cook for 2 hours. Finally you spread melted brown sugar on it. Then you have a big fat juicy turkey.

by Kendall Maupin

First clean the turkey with warm water. Next, put your turkey in the oven for forty five min. and one sec. Then, put seasoning on it. Then stuff it. Lasty it is delisuse so have a happy thanksgiving. Bone appatete!

by Ciara Meade

First buy the turkey and go home. Next get peper and salt. Then get out thr rost pot and fill it with water. After that put it in the oven and heat it on 400o for 2 hours. After words you put on the salt. After it cools off put on the peper. Last you herry to get the legs and enjoy!!!!

by Marshall Carpenter

First you by or hunt a turkey. Then if you hunt a turkey find a knife then you cut the legs off. If you by a turkey you clean it then you put it in the oven for 9 mins. Then if you hunted a turkey you pluck the feathers and trop his head off then you tack out some of the insides then you clean it and then you put in the oven for 14 mins. Think you might  learn about indyens and pillgrams the next day. Enjoy!!!!!!

by Alicia Danielle Hesselton

First, it needs to be Thanksgiving and you have to hunt a turkey. Next, you need to skin and clean it. Then, you put it in a pan and put it in the oven. Finally, you take it out of the oven and get your plate, napken, fork and a nife, and a cup than your ready to enjoy.

by Lanae Lakes