The Richmond Register

November 17, 2012

Murder conviction overturned in Clark County case that was tried in Richmond

Register staff report

RICHMOND — The Kentucky Court of Appeals has overturned the verdict in a 2000 Clark County case involving a 14-year-old who was convicted of shooting and killing another child.

A Madison jury found Christopher McGorman Jr., now 27, guilty of  murder, first-degree burglary and defacing a firearm in the death of Larry Raney, 14, according to the Associated Press. McGorman was tried as an adult and received a life sentence.

Although the shooting occurred in Clark County, the trial was transferred to Madison Circuit Court, the appeals court ruling stated.

The appeals court found that McGorman’s attorney, Alez Rowady, was ineffective in handling the case.

Rowady allowed McGorman to be interviewed by police before the teen was evaluated by mental health professionals and before the attorney investigated the case, the court ruling stated.

During the trial, Rowady argued that McGorman was insane at the time of the killing.

Because McGorman’s counsel was found to be ineffective, the appeals court ordered Madison Circuit Court to retry the case.