The Richmond Register

August 22, 2013

Bear hunters

Orientation exercise shows first-graders around their school

By Sarah Hogsed
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — A class of 24 first-graders trekked around Glenn Marshall Elementary School on Thursday morning clad in paper-bowl safari hats, fake mustaches and binoculars while undertaking their first-ever “bear hunt.”

“We’re gonna find that bear!” One boy exclaimed.

Teacher Heather Fain had hidden several stuffed bears throughout the school. Each clue she gave the children sent them to different parts of the building and to meet staff and teachers in the gymnasium, library, front office, nurse’s station and art and music rooms.

At each location, Fain reviewed the behavior rules for that particular area and also introduced the students to whom they should talk if they needed help. This is the first time Fain has done this type of orientation exercise with her students.

The children were directed to spot each bear they found with their binoculars and wait for Fain to pick it up. However, excitement got the better of them in the gym, and one of the children tried to grab the bear.

“If you saw a bear in the country, would you run up and pet him?” Fain chastised her students. Several shook their heads no.

In the end, the students found their last bear on the playground along with Teddy Grahams and gummy bears to snack on after lunch.