The Richmond Register

November 6, 2013

Design for airport extension to cost $152,000

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer

MADISON COUNTY — Creating a design for the expansion of the Madison Airport will cost about $152,000, according to an estimate presented to the airport board at its Tuesday meeting.

The board plans to expand the apron, where aircraft are parked, by relocating the existing parking lot to make more space. The design will also include space for a new hangar to be built at a later date.

Board Chair Willi Walker said the estimate was higher than what she originally thought it would be, and said the board will likely need to pursue outside funding, or get different estimates to compare pricing.

At the recommendation of member George Wyatt, the board voted to send the design estimate to the Federal Aviation Administration to determine if it would cover the cost.

Wyatt pointed out that FAA grants for construction projects normally aren’t distributed until the later half of the year. The board is already seeking a for the expansion, but likely will not receive anything until September or October 2014. It therefore has time to seek reimbursement or additional funding for the design, Wyatt said.

“No dirt is going to be moved on this until October or November (of 2014),” Wyatt said.

The board also wants to build a new terminal building in the future, but no plans for that have been made, Walker said.


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