The Richmond Register

May 11, 2013

Fundraisers with facial hair: Bluegrass Beard On

Proceeds to eventually fund Habitat home

By Crystal Wylie
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — Richmond’s bearded, mustached, sideburned, goateed and even hairless gussied up their facial hair (both fake and real) for the Bluegrass Beard On at the Paddy Wagon Friday night.

A local chapter of Beard Team USA, Beard & Loathing in Kentucky, hosted the charity event. Partnered with the Paddy Wagon, the proceeds will go into a fund that will eventually be used for the construction of a Habitat for Humanity home, said one of team’s founding members “Captain” Kyle Isaacs.

Founded in 2011, the Beard & Loathing team has since raised more than $3,000 to benefit local organizations. The group raised $300 Friday night and will keep working until they’ve raised enough, Isaacs said. “I want our charity works to be like our beards, and just grow with no limits.”

The audience cheered as the panel of judges examined all kinds of facial hairstyles Friday night.

“I like to hear that cheering – these beards don’t grow overnight,” said emcee Ian Long of Beard & Loathing.

The beard team’s support group, the Kentucky Beardettes, had their own category in the competition. While unable to grow facial hair like their furry counterparts, the women modeled a wide array of homemade beards, including one made out of beer cans and another inspired by Medusa, the snake-for-hair she-devil of Greek mythology.

A beard team from Louisville, the Derby City Whisker Club, also competed.

Chris Elder, who competed in the short beard competition, has been growing his facial hair since a cancer awareness event called “No Shave November.”

“I got a little carried away,” said Elder, whose beard looked anything but “short.”

In between competitions, the bearded and un-bearded alike were entertained by the antics of the Tinderbox Circus Sideshow of Lexington.

Tinderbox co-founder Zak Crouch hammered a 5-inch stainless steel barn nail into his nostril and asked Beardette Kayla Tansy to pull it out.

Trashique D’Lamour, also of Tinderbox, lifted a propane tank with her earlobes and a suitcase with her teeth. Later, she laid giggling on the floor while Crouch juggled blades over her body.

The audience grimaced as Mason Doodle “The Human Noodle” dislocated his shoulders and contorted his body to squeeze through three tennis rackets. 

“Every millimeter counts,” he said.

The competition included categories like short beard, freestyle, mustache and chops.

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