The Richmond Register

August 16, 2013

Sunset storm drain repairs to continue

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — More than nine months after the initial completion of the Sunset Avenue Drainage project, resident Jennifer Maupin said she is still having issues with flooding on her property.

Maupin said she had seen city officials and representatives from Ladgo, the company contracted to complete the project, meeting in front of her house Monday, but they made no attempt to speak with her at the time and no work to the area has begun.

“Nobody even knocked on my door,” Maupin said. “I got a call later to meet with members of planning and zoning at 4 p.m. to discuss what was going to happen, but I couldn’t meet then.”

She said she hasn’t received any contact on the issue since then, but plans are being made for another meeting between her and the city.

City Manager Jimmy Howard said at Tuesday night’s city commission meeting that some parts of the pervious concrete sidewalks, designed to let rain water pass through it rather than pooling in the street, were not functioning properly and would need to be fixed or replaced.

Planning and Zoning Director Jason Hart said in an email to the Register that the work is under warranty and that repairs made last week were covered.

City Commissioner Laura King, whom Maupin described as her advocate when contacting the city, said she believed the drainage issues would be fixed soon, and a new grate to catch storm water would be installed near Maupin’s house.

But for Maupin, preventing future floods is only half of the issue. She also has to find a way to fix the damage done to her property, she said.  

Prior to the project, Maupin hired a contractor privately to alter her sidewalk and driveway to prevent flooding. However, during the drainage project, that work was destroyed.

Maupin said she contacted the city’s insurer seeking to get water damage to her property covered, but she was referred to Westfield, Ladgo’s insurance provider.

A Westfield representative came to survey the damage, but Maupin said she wasn’t confident the company would help her.

“She (the representative) didn’t want to guarantee anything,” Maupin said.

Maupin said she created an inventory of all the damage that flood waters had caused to her property, including her and her son’s personal belongings. She wants to get rid of some of the items because she is afraid of developing mold, she said, but wasn’t sure if she would need to hold onto them for the insurance company.

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