The Richmond Register

November 11, 2013

Model parents ‛blown away’ by plans

Register Staff Report

RICHMOND — Gus Benson, parent to four Model students, said he didn’t know what to expect when he stepped into the Nov. 5 parents’ meeting.

Benson said he and a group of around 25 parents who call themselves Model Partnership for Excellence had been brainstorming over the summer on how they could raise money for a new building.

The group visited Lowe at the beginning of the semester “to give her our pitch on how we would save Model,” he said.

Lowe began to outline her vision for the school during that meeting, Benson said, so he expected the Nov. 5 meeting to be a lot of the same.

“We thought we would have to win over the new president (Michael Benson) to let him know that Model is important. We didn’t know we had this much built-in support,” he said. “But if anyone can get it done, I think he can.”

The two Bensons are unrelated.

According to Gus Benson, the architect renderings “just blew everyone away.”

While the new Model building would likely not be completed while their children are attending the school, Gus Benson said he and his wife Kathy are both Model alumni and their fundraising efforts “are not just for us, but for future generations at Model.”