The Richmond Register

October 8, 2013

Homeowners association requests new fire station near Boone's Trace

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer


The Boone’s Trace Homeowners Association has requested the Madison County Fire Department open a new station in the White Hall area which would service the subdivision and surrounding area.

According to County Fire Chief Jim Cox, no official plans for a station have been made, and the county has not determined whether the request is feasible.

“A fire station covers a five-mile radius, but most of that area is covered by White Hall (Volunteer Fire Department) itself,” Cox said.

However, the Boone’s Trace community, consisting of about 400 homes, is only partially in the area White Hall covers, Cox said.

If a new station is built, it would be manned by White Hall volunteers with assistance from the county, Cox said, so the county fire department would probably not expand its force.  

The station was discussed at Tuesday morning’s fiscal court meeting, at which magistrates Larry Combs and Greg King both said they had received calls from area residents who were against a new station. Cox said a “mixed bag” of people have been calling in and showing up at homeowners association meetings.

“There’s some that are for it, but there’s some that are really against it,” he said. “The first time we went to a meeting there were maybe 75 or 80 people there, and all but three of them loved it. Then we went to the next meeting and not as many people wanted it.”

A major problem facing proponents is funding, Cox said. Finding the money will be difficult and no one is sure of how much a new station would cost, he added.

Combs said the cost of installing and manning a new station could be as much as $250,000, which would be a significant financial burden to the people it would serve.

Cox said he and the fire department weren’t for or against opening a new station.

“If you want us there, we’re there to help, but if not, just tell us to go.” he said.

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