The Richmond Register

December 20, 2012

Richmond Utilities continues working to clear downtown water

Richmond Utilities

By Ronica Shannon
Senior News Writer


Employees of Richmond Utilities have been working diligently to rid some downtown homes of discolored water, according to Superintendent Scott Althauser.

“We’ve been replacing some (water) lines and flushing some of them,” he said.

Since September, Richmond Utilities workers have been responding to complaints of discolored water.

Although residents often have referred to it as “rusty” water, Althauser says it is only “discolored. There’s no metals in there to make it discolored. It’s safe.”

Most residents who have complained of having this type of problem live in the area of Woodland Avenue, Glyndon Avenue and a block of Fourth Street, he said.

“We’ve been replacing some lines and flushing some,” he said. “We’ve been on different streets and did the cleaning of a line on Woodland. We are diligently working on it.”

In a September interview, Althauser said there was only one way to completely eliminate the problem.

“We either have to replace the old lines or we have a new process at the water (treatment) plant to coat the lines,” he said. “There are many things that we’re doing. The water is being tested regularly. We want to provide clean water to our residents.”

Hydrant flushing is still a regular practice of Richmond Utilities, Althauser said. This has been taking place at least weekly in the areas of Hill Street, Longview Drive, Woodland Avenue and Glyndon Avenue, he said.

Anyone who is experiencing discolored water may call Richmond Utilities at 623-2323 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or 369-5389 for calls after hours or on weekends.

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