The Richmond Register

April 1, 2013

Firefighters investigate, find no chemical leak from train

Register staff report

MADISON COUNTY — Local firefighters worked for more than four hours early Monday morning trying to find the source of a possible chemical leak from a train passing through Madison County.

The Richmond Fire Department received the initial call after the train’s engineer reported smelling an unusual odor, according to Madison County Fire Chief Jim Cox. The engineer stopped the train near the crossing at Duncannon Lane.

Firefighting crews from Madison County, Richmond and the Blue Grass Army Depot spent three hours walking the half-mile long train before finding the source of the smell, Cox said.

The odor was coming from a tanker carrying crude sulfate turpentine. Cox said tankers carrying flammable materials have valves that periodically release pressure from inside the tank, which is a normal safety function.

The valve was closed and the train left the area at 4 a.m. No one was injured and there were no evacuations of nearby residences, according to the county fire department.