The Richmond Register

December 12, 2012

Saying "I do" on the lucky date of 12/12/12

By Kaitlin Keane
Register Chief Photographer

BEREA — It was standing room only inside “the last trailer on the left” at Pinnacle View Park in Berea as Lucy Miller and Danny Bowman said “I Do” on 12/12/12.

Miller and Bowman exchanged Bibles instead of rings in front of a fire place in their home.

“I couldn’t have picked a better man than I have now,” Miller said.

Cheering erupted after Steven Robinson, “a friend of a friend,” told Bowman, “You may now kiss the bride.”

Miller and Bowman met three years ago though a friend, Darrel Stanley.

“I once said I 'd never get married,” Miller said, “but now I'm older, and with children I feel like it's right.”

They chose to tie the knot on 12/12/12 because it was the last time the day, month and years would be the same for nearly 90 years. And, this month has five Mondays and five Fridays. All that may help bring them good luck, they hope.

“Tomorrow’s my birthday and my daughter’s,” Bowman said. “We’re killing a whole lot of birds with one stone.”

Miller and Bowman decided to have the ceremony in their home, where it could be simple and they would be surrounded by family.

“This is home,” Miller said.

“Alright, Dad go get yourself a beer; you're a married man,” one of Bowman's daughters said after the ceremony was over.

Renee Tate, Miller’s best friend, joked that “It’s a miracle she ever got married.”

“She said she’d never get married, so I know she’s happy,” Tate said.

Miller and Bowman celebrated the cemerony with their children, Nathan Tyler Hicks, Patricia Land, Sylica Bowman, Sara Baker and Natalie Bowman, plus grandchildren Adriana Garrison and Eden Reveles.