The Richmond Register

August 17, 2009

Mustard agent detected at Blue Grass Army Depot

Trace amounts of mustard vapor were found Monday inside a chemical agent storage structure or “igloo” that houses mustard agent filled artillery shells at the Blue Grass Army Depot. The mustard vapor was detected during routine weekly monitoring.

Toxic chemical workers have begun the leaker isolation process. Once the leaking munition has been located, it will be overpacked into a leakproof container and moved to a separate igloo that houses overpacked Mustard leaking munitions.

During this process, the igloo is connected to a filter bank to ensure no agent vapor can migrate to the outside atmosphere.

This leak poses no danger or risk to the citizens of Madison or surrounding counties, according to Dick Sloan, public affairs officer for Blue Grass Chemical Activity. The Madison County Emergency Management Agency and the Commonwealth of Kentucky Emergency Management Agency were notified of the leak.