The Richmond Register

June 24, 2013

Library program teaches 'worm farm' building to children

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer

RICHMOND — A large group crowded into the children’s area of the Madison County Library in Richmond on Monday afternoon to learn how to build a “worm farm.”

Ari Barron, youth services librarian, read the children a worm-related book before passing out plastic containers and explaining how to make a farm from spoons, droppers and a small plastic container with an opening at the top.

To build a proper worm farm, find a see-through container and layer dirt, oats and sand in it, Barron said.

She told the children to use eight to 10 spoonfuls of dirt, followed by a spoonful of oats, eight to 10 spoonfuls of sand, then another spoonful of oats followed by another eight to 10 spoonfuls of sand.

Put a few droplets of water into the farm to make it soggy, then add the worms. Each child at the event got two worms for their farm.

The amount of resources may vary from farm to farm depending on the size of the container and how many worms it is intended to hold.

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