The Richmond Register

September 26, 2013

Owner missing after Whitlock Road home burns

By Seth Littrell
Register News Writer

MADISON COUNTY — After a full day of clearing rubble with shovels and an excavator, the Kentucky State Police and various county fire departments put the fire investigation of a Whitlock Road residence, which the owner may have been inside, on temporary hold.

KSP Arson Investigator Pat Alford said the men and women clearing the rubble, many of whom had been there since 1 a.m., had cleared about half the scene of the fire that began about midnight Wednesday.

Walt Liebengood, owner of the residence, is considered missing, and the investigation has so far turned up no evidence that he was inside the building when it burned to the ground. However, Alford said there was a significant amount of rubble that still needed clearing, and in some sections of the house there was a layer of ash 5 feet deep.

KSP will secure the scene Thursday night, and the investigation will resume Friday about 9 a.m., Alford said. He said the cause of the fire is still under investigation and may take time to determine.

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